3 Surprisingly Effective Marketing Automation Ideas for 2015

Understanding and identifying your audience is the first step on the path to achieving marketing automation success. Once you’ve done that, the opportunities for marketing automation are endless. Many marketers spent 2014 focusing on their audience, personas, and goals. That paid off big time, because now you have the infrastructure in place to implement unique marketing automation ideas for success in 2015. Here are some of those ideas:

1. Be open about your goals

Set expectations up front and your audience will not be confused or disconnected. Always remind your audience why you’re sending them emails and why you’re communicating.

For example:

“You’re receiving this email because you’re a valued partner.”
“You’re receiving this email because you’ve been a customer for three years.”
“This email is for you because…”

It takes segmentation and a simple intro paragraph on every email that clearly states why you’re contacting them. It can go a long way.

2. Talk to your evangelists

This is especially effective if you have a small database. Build a list of your biggest fans. When you send them messages, let them know why you’re reaching out and clearly thank them for being fans. Publicly recognize and acknowledge who they are, similar to the email outreach mentioned above. This will go a long way, and they’ll be excited to connect with you.

3. Create an outreach program

Create a customer alumni program which helps clients look for — and engage with — customers who changed jobs. This is an effective way to get lost contacts back into your database. They’ve already bought from you, so they’ll likely do it again.

Once you’ve identified these contacts, talk to them as former customers. These contacts already know your product, so they don’t need a demo or a whitepaper. They need to be segmented on their existing relationship and personalized around that relationship.

No matter your strategy, personalize your message the way your prospects see the world, not the way you see the world. Doing this well starts with knowing your audience.

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