3 Successful Event Marketing Tactics — Plus the Ultimate Event Promotion Checklist

96% of B2B marketers say that event marketing accelerates lead generation and grows the sales pipeline. (Regalix)

That’s an impressive statistic, and one that highlights just how important events are in a modern marketing strategy. If that stat alone doesn’t convince you, consider that events are also excellent avenues for showcasing your thought leadership, nurturing business relationships, and enabling customers to make the most out of your products and services.

And while B2B events like trade shows have been around seemingly forever, they’re not going anywhere in the internet age. In fact, digital marketing has opened up new opportunities for marketers, such as webinars, virtual trade shows, and unique avenues for event promotion.

With Dreamforce 2015 coming up in September, we decided to explore how businesses are using digital marketing to promote their presence at the conference. Take a look at these examples of event marketing for inspiration, and then plan your own strategy with our complete checklist for event and webinar promotion.

1. Salesforce’s #RoadtoDF15 Campaign

#RoadtoDF15 Campaign

Salesforce’s Road to Dreamforce campaign shares Dreamforce news and tips every Tuesday leading up to the event. By incorporating a hashtag — #RoadtoDF15 — they encourage people to spread the word on Twitter and chat with one another during the weekly webcast.

 2. Cirrus Insight Giveaway with a Social Element

Cirrus Insight Dreamforce Giveaway Landing Page

Cirrus insight is giving away Dreamforce passes every week until the event. By requiring entrants to fill out a form, they generate leads who they know are going to Dreamforce (or want to go), creating a greater likelihood these leads are in their target audience. By adding a social element (asking people to tweet #CirrusInisghtDF15 for more entries), they’re mobilizing industry professionals to promote Cirrus Insight’s presence at Dreamforce from their personal Twitter accounts.

3.  Pardot at Dreamforce Microsite

Pardot at Dreamforce 2015 Microsite

Allow us to toot our own horn a little bit with this example. We created a Pardot at Dreamforce microsite to showcase our presence at the conference, and hopefully you’ll find it useful as you prepare! Visitors have the option to select whether they’re interested in Pardot or already a Pardot client, personalizing their microsite experience with information about the sessions and events they’re most likely to find useful.

More Promotional Tactics

Whether you’re planning for Dreamforce or an event of your own, use this checklist to make sure you’re covering all your promotional bases.

The Ultimate Webinar and Event Promotion Checklist

Are there any tactics we missed? Let us know in the comments. We love to learn how other companies are doing event marketing.

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