3 Reasons Why Small Business Marketing Teams Choose Pardot

“We thought we just needed something easy-to-use and cheap. We didn’t think beyond that at first, but then a year later we realized we needed a more robust marketing automation solution.” Sound familiar? 

Time and time again, I hear small businesses  quickly jump onto a marketing automation solution, settling on one that provides a fast setup and easy-to-use tools, but  lacks critical features. Later, these small businesses wish they invested in  a solution that provided more customization and flexibility, one that would grow with their business. 

I’ve spent the last four years in market strategy at Salesforce, working with small businesses and learning about how and why they decide to use certain marketing automation tools. 

And I’ve learned that it can be challenging to find the best marketing automation tool to run your marketing efforts, especially as a small business that needs to be scrappy and moves fast. The most successful small businesses I’ve talked to have shared that in addition to thinking about budget and easy setup, it’s important  to consider a marketing solution that will grow with you, provide meaningful insights, and offer more bang for your buck over time.

Here are the three main reasons why small businesses benefit from using Pardot, a marketing automation solution backed by the power of  Salesforce. 

1. Revenue-driven marketing

In life, the best decisions are backed by data. This holds true for marketing efforts as well. The most successful small businesses have learned that aligning marketing with sales provides better insights into marketing’s impact. 

Using Pardot and Salesforce allows marketers to fully align with sales and understand exactly what campaigns and what marketing efforts drive revenue. Unlike other vendors in the market, Salesforce out of the box (OOTB) reporting, and B2B Marketing Analytics allows marketers to quickly and easily identify what marketing campaigns are directly moving the needle for sales and when to pivot resources elsewhere.  You can easily share the dashboards with your leadership team on the fly to highlight your impact. Our customers have also shared that after moving onto Pardot, and using B2B marketing automation, they are able to save 20-40 hours a month leveraging Salesforce OOTB reporting & dashboards. 

2. Marketing automation at scale

Oftentimes, marketing in a small business can feel like fixing an airplane mid flight. Whether the product line is changing, or sales and go-to-market strategies realign, the best marketing teams have to be agile and have the tools to scale and quickly grow. With Pardot, marketing teams benefit from easy to use and helpful features like: 

3. Aligned on the Salesforce platform

Successful small business customers I talk to have shared the benefits of seeing an increase in key performance indicators (KPIs). They are able to easily measure visitors to the website, all the way to lead conversion. In addition to increased KPI performance, small business customers have also highlighted that using Sales Cloud and Pardot together, instead of connecting Sales Cloud to a third party marketing automation solution via APIs, yields faster turnarounds to getting leads to sales. 

We all know that the faster you can get leads into the hands of sales, the higher the conversion rate. Not integrating various solutions through APIs helps customers cut down on costs and time, — the ultimate win-win.

Measure twice, and cut once! Is your tool the right one to get you three years down the road? Make sure you’re aware of hidden costs or proprietary code that might make things difficult in the future. Don’t make an impulsive decision — do your homework on what’s available in the marketing tools you evaluate. 

Next steps: Do your research

Here are  a few more resources to help you out on your journey, including stories from our small business customers who have experienced the full benefits of moving off other marketing automation tools and onto Pardot. 

  1. How to maximize revenue with technology and automation, by Heather Davis Lam 
  2. 4 things to consider when Migrating Marketing Automation Solutions, by Kayla Rockwell

If you’d like to learn more about our current Pardot offerings and packages that are tailored to small businesses, check out pardot.com.

This post is a part of our SMB Success Series. Stay tuned for monthly blog posts to drive your small business growth!

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