3 Reasons Every Marketer Should Get Pardot Certified in 2016

When you think about certifications in the tech industry, chances are that marketing credentials are not the first to come to mind. Especially when you consider the flurry of notoriety that comes with being a Certified Administrator or Developer. But what about those people who sit amongst those Developers using similar software for a different purpose? Those marketers, as they’re known, who build better, and stronger relationships with customers, by creating more meaningful journeys for them and anticipating their needs and desires before they even have a chance to express them. A lot of people think these abilities are voodoo, but those in the marketing world know it comes from a combination of marketing savvy and the tools they use. Those tools help them understand and analyze their customers based on the actions they take. Every action, from how they click through an email, to what content they’re reading on a web page, gives marketers insight into what a customer really wants.

As much as a marketer might like to say that what they do is indeed some magic voodoo that is just inherent, the reality is that it comes from the knowledge of how to effectively put those tools to use and the understanding of how to best use the data they extract. So why is it that marketers who go through just as much training as some of their better known tech colleagues have been hiding behind the cubicle wall, instead of shouting from the rooftops that their knowledge is not simple to attain?

That’s why we proclaim that this is the year for marketers around the world to validate their worth by standing out with a certification of their own. Whether it’s a certification in email, events or social marketing, here are our three reasons why every marketer should resolve to get certified in 2016:

1. Validate commitment to your role

Most marketers start their career in an administrative role, which means they dabble in all things marketing for a few years until they decide they either like the flexibility of their administrative role or they find their niche. If you’ve found a love in a specific area, like email or social marketing, there’s no better way for you to validate you’re committed to that specialty then by attaining your certification. Doing so shows a commitment to your practice and lets people know you’re serious about it. And don’t forget to maintain it as often as the program requires. Certification maintenance is not only great for your personal credentials but validates to your employer that you’re up on the latest and greatest of the tool(s) you use.

2. Stand out among your peers

When you look at people with a certification, like a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for instance, you know that they aren’t just an accountant, but rather an accountant who is on top of their game. An industry-recognized marketing certification will help you stand out amongst your peers and shows that you have committed time to stay abreast of industry best practices, information, and trends. Going back to our earlier point about marketing being thought of as voodoo, there are a lot of people who think people who use Twitter are social experts. Social marketers who analyze conversations and engagement know that is far from the truth. So prove it by getting your certification and show that social engagement is much more than a “Like” on Facebook.

3. Prove your value

Nothing proves that you have the skill-set necessary to perform your job more than a certification. A credential in your area of expertise validates that you have the knowledge needed to perform that job at an optimal level. This will be especially important as you look for a promotion within your existing organization or when you start looking for new opportunities outside of it. A well-earned certification will give you a leg-up on the competition by validating that you’ve worked hard to gain the experience you need to become a leader in your area of specialization. Just be sure to earn your credential from an industry-recognized source.

Ready to get Pardot Certified in 2016? We’re here to help! We’ve got training resources, certification study guides, and prep classes to help you prepare. Browse our catalog of certification resources and let us help you achieve at least one of your New Years resolutions this year!