3 Marketing Campaign Blueprints You Can Steal

“Every channel, every time is not an effective strategy.”
– Ryan Johnston, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Pardot


With over five years of marketing operations experience at Pardot under his belt, Ryan Johnston is a marketing campaign pro. He was the second member of the Pardot marketing team back in the day, so he knows a thing or two about turning a fledgling marketing plan into a successful, sophisticated strategy. So whether you singlehandedly run marketing for a startup or you’re one of many marketers at an established firm, Ryan can relate.

Recently, Ryan hosted Building a B2B Marketing Campaign Blueprint, a webinar outlining all the building blocks of successful campaign creation. Our favorite part? Ryan’s customizable blueprints that you can use to help plan your next marketing campaign from start to finish. Sometimes the hardest part of launching a new campaign — even for marketing veterans — is simply putting all the pieces together, and that’s what these blueprints will help you do.

Let’s take a look at three sample marketing campaign blueprints and how you can put them into action. Then, watch the entire recorded webinar to learn more tricks of the trade from Pardot’s marketing team.

Campaign Blueprint #1: Getting Started

Marketing Campaign Blueprint 1: Getting Started

If you’re launching your first campaign on a limited budget, this simple outline is for you. Before launching any campaign, you’ll need to define each of the parameters at the top of the chart: goals, audience, strategy, and messaging. (Ryan goes into each of these building blocks in detail in the webinar, so be sure to check it out if you need help getting started.)

You’ll also need to determine which channels you’ll use to disseminate your campaign. We chose email marketing, the company website, organic (unpaid) social media, and sales enablement because they’re all free channels — or pretty close to it.

An e-book and a webinar are great places to start when it comes to content creation. They can function as “anchor content” that you can share on your selected channels. Once you’ve gotten the campaign off the ground and the results start rolling in, you can even repurpose this anchor content in the form of infographics, videos, blog posts, and so on.

Campaign Blueprint #2: Customer Upsell

Marketing Campaign Blueprint 2: Customer Upsell

In the B2B world, where sales cycles are long and complex, upselling and cross-selling can be a challenge. This campaign blueprint can help. First, you should leverage educational channels (like your website and customer success stories) so answers to your clients’ questions will be readily available. You should also equip your account managers with the resources they need to upsell, including email templates and talk tracks.

User groups are another unique resource you can use in your upselling campaign. Of course, the primary goals of a user group include fostering a sense of community, educating your customers, and getting honest feedback from them — not simply pitching your products. That being said, you can learn so much about your clients in a user group meeting, and you just might have a product or service that fits their business needs.

Campaign Blueprint #3: Reach and Expand

Marketing Campaign Blueprint 3: Reach and Expand

Now we’re bringing out the big guns. This “Reach and Expand” campaign is useful for targeting a new industry or market segment, so of course its blueprint is the most complex (and likely the most expensive) of the three. This time around, we’ve added paid social media, SEM, and a partners strategy into the mix.

A partners network can be crucial when it comes to scaling a company and expanding  your reach. Partners who know how to speak to your new audience go a long way in establishing a relationship and building trust.

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Of course, these are just three examples of successful B2B marketing campaign structures. Is there anything you would add to these sample campaigns? Let us know in the comments.

And don’t forget: for more details about how to build your own campaigns, watch Ryan Johnston’s webinar in its entirety here.

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