3 Major Email Marketing Focuses for 2015

Email isn’t dead — and Econsultancy recently released their 2015 Email Marketing Industry Census to prove it. With over 1,000 respondents participating, the Census took a look at the effectiveness of email marketing, resources required, industry trends, and more.

According to the study, 25% of companies rate email marketing as ‘excellent’ for ROI. In addition, respondents indicated that 20% of sales can be attributed to their email channel.

But in order to achieve these results — and grow your email programs over the next year — the Census also pinpoints a number of areas that marketers really need to focus on in 2015, from automated campaigns all the way down to data security (see the full list below). Let’s take a look at the top three areas identified in more detail.


Automated Email Campaigns

Out of 19 options, automated campaigns was identified as the top focus area for 2015 at 29% (a 12% increase over 2014). As personalization becomes a more essential part of the B2B selling process, marketers are turning to automated email campaigns to trigger personalized messaging based on a buyer’s behavioral or demographic data. Using email marketing features like lead nurturing, autoresponders, and variable tags, marketers can ensure that messages are delivered exactly when they need to be, at a moment of engagement, and with a relevant, 1:1 message.

For more information on automated campaigns, take a look at some of the following resources:

Strategy and Campaign Planning

Just like any of your other marketing programs, email requires strategy. The days when B2B marketers could send blast emails to huge lists are a thing of the past, replaced by an age where buyers expect thoughtful communications from your company.

An email strategy begins with your goals and your audience, just like a content marketing strategy or a lead generation strategy. Is your goal to re-engage inactive prospects in your database, create a smoother onboarding process for new clients, or foster awareness of your brand within a completely new audience? Each of these requires a different approach in order to be effective.

To learn more about setting up a complete email strategy, including different types of programs, email cadence, and buyer personas, check out these resources:

List and Data Quality

Tied with Strategy and Campaign Planning comes List and Data Quality. If you’ve been following any of our recent posts by email expert Skyler Holobach, then you know how important list hygiene and data quality are to your sending reputation. Sending to outdated or purchased lists can significantly increase your chances of being marked as SPAM, which is why it’s important to make sure you’re adhering to list management best practices and regularly “spring cleaning” your database.

Here are a few resources we recommend to get started:

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