3 Lead Nurturing Campaigns You (Likely) Haven’t Tried Yet

We’ve talked a lot this month about lead management — from scoring and grading your leads, to automating follow-up and lead nurturing. As we wrap up March, it’s time to delve a little deeper. If you downloaded our Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing released earlier this week, you read about the wide range of capabilities that lead nurturing provides in our chapter on “10 Nurturing Campaigns Worth Trying.” Let’s take a quick look at three of these campaigns that you probably haven’t explored yet, as well as some best practices for each. And don’t forget to download our full guide for more tips, best practices, and worksheets!

For Inactive Leads: The Reengagement Drip Campaign

How many of your hard-earned leads are slipping through the cracks? At any given time, your database is full of leads who are actively participating in the sales cycle, and equally full of leads who became inactive at some point during the sales process and fell off your radar — whether or not they were a good fit for your product. Reengagement Drip campaigns are targeted toward these inactive leads, with the ultimate goal of prompting them to take some sort of “hand-raising” action, which would indicate that they are ready to reenter the sales process.

Best Practice Tip: Keep in mind that these emails should not be a sales pitch. These leads are likely still unconvinced that they have a problem that needs solving, and they’re definitely not ready to start talking pricing on your product. Focus on being helpful, with high-level content (think blog posts, white papers, infographics, etc.) that can provide real value for your reader and establish your brand as a trusted source of information.

For New Customers: The Onboarding Drip Campaign

Nurturing campaigns aren’t just for cold leads; they can be used in a number of ways to improve communication with your current customers. The Onboarding Drip allows you to automate some of the more repetitive tasks involved in onboarding a new customer, like providing introductory training resources, a list of next steps after close, timelines for product kickoffs, and frequently asked questions. These helpful resources can help your customer answer some of these questions their own, without having to wait on a customer service rep for assistance.

Best Practice Tip: Remember that onboarding a new client will always be a high-touch and manual process, and rightly so. Approach these nurturing tracks as a supplement to the more hands-on tasks of implementing a new customer, and make sure your new clients always have a contact that they can reach out to directly with questions.

For Current Customers: The Renewal Drip Campaign

The Renewal Drip can be a huge timesaver, as well as a convenient and unobtrusive way to remind your existing customers that it is time to renew their contracts. This drip can be triggered a month (or more) before the renewal date, and notify the assigned user in the marketing automation tool if no action takes place. This makes it far less likely that your clients will miss the renewals on their contracts, takes the tedium out of the process for your service reps, and (if done correctly), can greatly improve your retention rates.

Best Practice Tip: Don’t just remind your customers that they need to renew their contract, remind them why they want to do so. Include information on some of the exciting new features that you’re planning to release in the coming year, tips on how to see even more value from your product, and a small gift or special offer to show them that you appreciate their business.

What are some other creative ways to use the capabilities of nurturing campaigns? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section!


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