3 Keys to a Killer Webinar Strategy

Do you have an effective webinar strategy in place?

When it comes to content marketing, few channels are as low cost or high impact as webinars — whether you’re looking to generate leads, build relationships, educate your customers, or all of the above. But webinars also require a significant amount of time and effort, so if you lack an organized and effective strategy, you may not be seeing worthwhile results. Take a look at three key elements to any webinar strategy below, and download our free handbook for further best practices.

Set Goals

As with any marketing initiative, it’s important to set quantitative and qualitative goals with your webinar strategy. Know what you’re looking to accomplish by hosting webinars (is your main focus on spreading brand awareness? Establishing thought leadership? Educating people on your product or industry?), and set registration and attendance goals for every webinar you host.

Get Organized

From finding a speaker, to building assets and promoting your webinar, to hosting your webinar and developing a follow-up strategy, there’s a lot that goes into planning and running a successful webinar. Luckily, the worksheets in our Marketing Webinars Handbook can help you stay organized. Make sure you don’t miss any important steps, like promoting your webinar across social channels and including links to relevant content on your landing page.

Follow Up Promptly

The follow-up to your webinar is almost as important as the webinar itself. After all, your webinar shouldn’t be a one-and-done touchpoint with a prospect, but rather a part of a relationship-building process. Send out the recording and slides from your webinar to all registrants (not just those who attended), and link to further helpful resources on your site. Consider creating a short drip for important webinars, reaching out to registrants over the following weeks with pertinent, helpful information.

What are some other tactics that have helped you see more success from your webinars? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section. And be sure to print out the tip sheet below as a reminder of these webinar best practices!