3 Email Best Practices Every B2B Marketer Should Know [New Webinar]

Our B2B Bootcamp webinar series is in full swing after kicking off with today’s session on content marketing. On Thursday, we’ll be revving up our reporting with Isaac Payne, so be sure to sign up to learn more about how we measure our marketing efforts at Pardot. (You can read more about what Isaac will be covering in his presentation here.)

Next week, we’ll be diving into two of the main content distribution channels that we use here at Pardot: email marketing and SEO/SEM. First up will be Amp up Your Email, a presentation by Maureen Flaherty, Email Marketing & Campaigns Specialist at Pardot, and Kristen Craft, Director of Business Development at Wistia.

Their webinar will take place on Tuesday, January 26th at 1PM EST — be sure to grab your spot today!

Feel like you can’t commit until you have an idea of the topics that will be covered? Take a look at three (of the many) best practices for email marketing that Maureen and Kristen will be discussing in their webinar next week:

Best practice #1: Remember that lead nurturing emails aren’t only for cold leads

We’ve written about additional use cases for lead nurturing before, but it’s always worth reiterating: lead nurturing is a powerful tool that has almost as many internal implications as it does external.

At Pardot, we use lead nurturing emails for a number of different scenarios in which we need our employees to receive a regular cadence of emails over an extended period of time. For example, last year our marketing team created a sales enablement nurturing program that dripped helpful sales content to our reps every few weeks. The goal was to position marketing as an important part of the selling process. (Read more about this campaign in our case study article.)

Learn more about how we use lead nurturing as a part of our overall email strategy in next week’s webinar.

Best practice #2: Use dynamic content to personalize the email experience

Widely recognized by our own employees as a favorite marketing automation feature of theirs, dynamic content plays a large role in our overall email strategy. Dynamic content displays dynamically (yes, I know, I just used a word to define a word…) based on who is viewing it. One of the most common use cases we see at Pardot is to display different content to your potential customers and your existing customers.

For example, let’s say you have an autoresponder email for an e-book that’s been downloaded by both a customer and a prospect. In the customer email, you can use dynamic content to call out additional helpful resources; in the prospect email, a call-to-action for a demo.

Dynamic content is a great way to personalize the email experience even further for your recipients. Don’t miss your chance to learn more about how we put this feature to work at Pardot!

Best practice #3: Adapt the buyer journey based on how recipients react to your email campaigns

Piggybacking off of my previous point, your email strategy should be just as customer-focused as your content marketing strategy. If you have a marketing automation tool, you can further customize the buying process based on how your email recipients are responding to your emails.

Are your recipients opening your emails and clicking specific links? A marketing automation tool allows you to use these actions to trigger additional actions (called completion actions). Once your email has been opened or a link has been clicked, you can automatically assign recipeints to sales reps for follow up, or add them to specific email lists for more targeted communications.

Maureen will be discussing additional use cases for completion actions next week, so be sure to tune in if this particular topic piques your interest.

Ready to learn all there is to know about how we use email marketing and leverage our own product here at Pardot? Register for Maureen and Kristen’s webinar by clicking on the banner below! Keep in mind that even if you can’t attend, registering for the webinar ensures that you will automatically be sent a link to the webinar recording as soon as it is ready. Hope to see you there!