3 Crucial Resources for SMBs Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Ramping up marketing automation as a small business marketer isn’t always easy. In fact, for multitasking marketers experiencing a perpetual shortage of time and resources, implementing and optimizing a new platform can seem more than difficult — it can seem impossible.

But at the end of the day, doing more with less is what marketing automation is all about, making it an ideal solution for these pressed-for-time marketers. So we’ve broken the process of ramping up marketing automation into three basic (and hopefully less-overwhelming) steps, and included our favorite helpful resources to instruct you through each one. Check it out!

Step 1: Establish a plan.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool, but like most technology, just signing a contract doesn’t ensure success. To see optimal results with your platform, you need a strategy in place that aligns with the needs and processes of your business. Figure out what you want to accomplish with marketing automation, set some loose goals and timelines, and share them with your team to make sure everyone is in the loop — we’ve even created a Powerpoint template that you can personalize with your plan!


Step 2: Simplify your workload.

We know as well as anyone that small business marketers wear a lot of hats (after all, we were a small start-up ourselves not too long ago). If you’re a small business or a burgeoning start-up, you probably  don’t have a legion of full-time employees devoted to social media, demand generation, content creation, and email marketing — chances are, you’re doing it all yourself. One of the most powerful benefits of marketing automation for small businesses is the ability to streamline all of these vastly different channels through one central platform, tracking success and sharing data across different initiatives. We’ve created an interactive infographic to explain exactly how marketing automation allows you to do this — read more below!


Step 3: Prioritize your focus.

Yes, marketing automation offers a variety of robust capabilities, but that doesn’t mean that you need to kickstart them all at once! For many SMBs, it may make more sense to start off with the most basic capabilities (like implementing lead scoring and grading and building one or two basic drip campaigns) to start driving results, then build out other areas as time allows. As we mentioned, we’ve been through this whole process ourselves using our own product as we grew, so you can read more about our approach in this article. And be sure to download our free e-book, Five Steps to Growing Your Business with Marketing Automation, for a step-by-step guide to setting up your small business for growth and success.


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3 thoughts on “3 Crucial Resources for SMBs Getting Started with Marketing Automation

  • I can’t agree enough with the last point.. Start with the basics that get some results and then move on to more complicated and time consuming strategies later. Too many small business owners end up stuck on the next big thing and they never get anything done. Focus on one thing at a time if at all possible. That being said, your drip campaign is one of the most important aspects of monetizing your business so it should be focused on quite heavily to start with. Once this is set up you can shift your focus almost solely to traffic generation. The more people you can put in your funnel, the more people will ultimately buy your products.

    • Glad to hear you agree, Ryan! Thanks so much for reading and for adding value with your comment; it’s always great to get feedback. Have a great week!

  • I should be the one thanking you Molly! I love reading about marketing automation and I’m happy to have found a place that talks a lot about it! I hope you have a great week as well.

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