3 Content Creation Tips B2B Marketers Can Borrow From Journalists

Journalism and marketing are more similar than you might think. In both industries, keeping up with the speed of change is the real challenge. From the way that technology has transformed the landscape to shifting buyer attitudes and perceptions, both Journalists and B2B Marketers face the constant battle of creating engaging content. These are a few tips for creating content that came in handy in my journalism days – and they’re just as handy now.

1. Look For Ways to Create Timely Content

Timeliness isn’t just for the news industry. B2B Marketers can also take advantage of recent events – fads, memes, pop culture phenomenons and viral videos – to give their content creativity a boost. You don’t have to break the news, but being able to comment on recent trends – especially where new technologies and industry concepts are concerned – lends relevance and credibility to your brand.

Keep a look out for things that would appeal to your target audience, particularly anything industry specific that’s made it mainstream for a moment (some of the greatest ‘mainstream’ ideas started as niche industry concepts – Segway anyone?) Your social media platforms are a great place to look for timely inspirations, as those are conversations happening in real-time. If you come across something – act on it! Just like in the newsroom, there is such a thing as being *too *late to the party.

2. Get Your Sources Involved

Whether it’s an industry or thought leader, or a successful business owner, having sources like these can really bolster your content strategy and give it an additional layer of star power. There’s a reason that the biggest names in your industry are the biggest. Case studies are great, but if you want to infuse more creativity into your content, try hosting panels or round tables, and having your best sources contribute content of their own.

If you want to find some good ‘sources’ to include in your campaigns, you can look for the leading speakers at events, as well as corporate industry leaders and advisors. You can also pick someone you know – maybe they’ve run an amazing program at your company, or they’ve crushed their target goals in a really creative or unusual way. Get them to tell their story gives your content a new perspective, and some great inspiration.

3. Go for Evangelists

Journalists love when their readers interact with their work. Cultivating a devoted fanbase is par for the course when you’re working to establish yourself in the newsroom, and it’s just as important in B2B Marketing. Our ‘fans’ are our current clients, and their stories of success are the most persuasive tool we have when it comes to drawing prospects into the sales funnel.

User groups, forums and social media groups create a sense of community among your clients. Marketers don’t always have to start or participate in these either – they might exist already, formed by users for users. Every group needs members, so promoting them and creating unique content targeted to their most pressing questions, comments or issues can help build a mutually beneficial relationship.

What are some of your favorite tips for content creation?