3 B2B Analytics Tricks You Wish You Knew

Analytics is a fact of life for data-driven marketers: the only way to truly understand the value of your marketing efforts is to rely on analytics and reporting, and sometimes it feels like an impossible chore. Every campaign comes with it’s own targets and goals and metrics need to be cross referenced and compared, teams need to be debriefed – and what about sales? With all that going on, it’s easy to lose track of all the ways that analytics actually makes our jobs easier, and when we lose sight of that, we tend to forget just how important analytics can be.

That said, there’s so much that a good analytics platform can do to make our lives as marketers considerably easier – and these three marketing tricks are examples of just how advanced analytics software has gotten. It’s no longer a giant server hidden in a back room with all of your excel spreadsheets saved and backed up in triplicate – now, with the click of a button you can exchange your marketing hat for your analyst one.

Multi-touch Attribution

Yes, you read that right. With our campaigns becoming more sophisticated and an ever-increasing number of moving parts, being able to understand which of the 20 touches a particular prospect had with a particular campaign gives marketers some amazing benefits. If you’ve ever struggled with explaining how and when a particular campaign contributed to a deal closed by sales, Multi-Touch Attribution is the answer to a very irritating problem. It can also clear up the grey area around which of the 7+ channels that most marketers use for a given campaign is performing the best. Should you continue promoting via social? Or are organic leads from your website really making the most impact?

Account-Based Marketing

If you’re running an ABM Campaign, analytics is the key to your success. It gives you a single-source of truth view into how your campaigns are landing with your target accounts. When you’re trying to measure tricky metrics like engagement, having a good analytics platform to help you understand the impact of each campaign can literally save you money. ABM puts a laser focus on creating custom experiences for your key accounts. Tracking the performance of assets, messaging and

Take a Deeper Look At Your Business

Imagine knowing how a campaign is performing at every stage – with reportable metrics that help you measure your progress towards your goals. There’s more to analytics than just being able to run a report. Ideally, a good analytics platform will help you understand your data and give you options when it comes to sharing that analysis with your teams. They give you the ability to dig in to data points to discover more information and make connections at a granular level, so that you can then choose which data to report on, and how to display it. These options may sound unnecessary, but marketers are working more closely than ever with their sales and service teams. Combined with the c-suite, that’s a lot eyes on any particular report, and being able to quickly identify the important aspects for each team, and pull relevant data is critical to keeping everyone collaborating smoothly.

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