25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales

Think marketing automation is just for your marketing team? Think again.

The reality is that marketing automation plays multiple roles: the marketing team can use it as a tool to bring in leads, qualify them, and pass them on to sales, and the sales team can use it as a selling facilitator, providing reps with the sales intelligence they need to personalize their sales messages and reach out to prospects at the right time.

According to Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report, B2B businesses reported that their most pressing business challenge is new business development.

Ultimately, driving revenue is an effort that involves optimizing the sales funnel from start to finish — from a prospect’s initial touchpoint with a marketing campaign to the moment sales closes the deal. You read that correctly: converting leads into customers involves both marketing and sales, and marketing automation is the weapon of choice to make it happen.

That?s why we?ve created a new e-book, called 25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales, to better explain what our sales friends stand to gain from a marketing automation tool. Whether you’re a sales user trying to navigate the benefits of your new marketing automation platform — or a sales manager evaluating an automation tool for your team — this guide will provide the tips and best practices you need to be first into every deal, personalize every conversation, and improve overall productivity.

In fact, our own Pardot sales reps have had great success using marketing automation during the selling process — and they’ve teamed up with sales leaders across the B2B industry to offer a few tips that can help you find success as well.

From set-it-and-forget it nurturing messages to instantly identifying the best prospects, you’ll hear how sales teams make marketing automation work for them — and better understand how the different types of sales roles, including cold-callers, account executives, and sales managers can use marketing automation to crush their quotas. Download the full e-book to learn more about:

1. Turning cold calls into warm calls using detailed prospect activity reports

“I love getting real time alerts for people I spoke with months ago who said they weren?t ready to buy. It gives me the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot! I can engage with them when they are engaging with us.”

? Kelly Lacy, Account Executive, Salesforce