New Research: 2016 Benchmarks for Small Business Growth

Over the past few months, we’ve covered trends in B2B selling, social media, marketing, and more. Today, we’re excited to dive into some newly released statistics for small businesses.

Salesforce’s Benchmarks for Small Business Growth report is hot off the press, and it’s chock-full of insights, statistics, and trends for small businesses. To collect this year’s data, Salesforce Research surveyed more than 3,800 small business leaders across the globe — including leadership from sales, services, and marketing — to learn more about the technologies, habits, and trends that lead to success.

The study revealed six major themes among small businesses:

  1. Mobile apps are used to boost productivity
  2. Data and Analytics drive customer-centric decisions
  3. Teams scale with automation, social, and mobile marketing
  4. Talent retention is a priority
  5. Quick tech adoption lends a competitive edge
  6. Customer experience is a company-wide focus

We’ve pulled a few of the stats we found particularly compelling below. (For more statistics, download the full report here.)

Use of mobile apps among small business sales teams will grow by 140% in the next two years. [TWEET THIS]

Growth in marketing automation among small businesses will jump 143% within 12 months. [TWEET THIS]

34% percent of small business marketers identify as heavy tech adopters. [TWEET THIS]

60% of small business marketers rate social media advertising as very effective or effective. [TWEET THIS]


Get inspired with insights from 3,800 small business leaders. Download the full research report here.