20 Tips for the Customer-Centric Marketer [White Paper]

If you?ve been reading our blog this month, then you?re already familiar with April?s topic of choice: customer-centric marketing. Shar VanBoskirk, Analyst at Forrester Research, sums up the importance of a customer-centric mindset in one quote:

?Only marketers who are customer-obsessed and adapt to consumers’ changing behaviors in real time will succeed.?

So why is this customer-centricity so critical to business success? If you guessed that it?s because of your customers? changing preferences, then you?re right.

Today’s buyers are evolving. They’re connected. They’re social. They’re in-the-know. They do their research, and they know exactly what they want by the time they’re ready to make a purchase. But most importantly, today’s buyers are all different from other another — they’re no longer tolerant of a batch-and-blast approach to marketing, sales, or customer service that involves grouping them all together under one umbrella. They’re looking for personalized messaging delivered to them exactly when they need it, and the companies that can’t cater to these changing buyer demands will find themselves losing deal after deal to their competitors.

This is where customer-centric marketing comes into play. By listening to and anticipating your buyers’ needs, you can improve your close rates, increase your retention rates, and positively impact the overall customer experience. And not just through your marketing, but also by aligning marketing with your sales and customer support teams.

Want some helpful tips that can help you take a more customer-centric approach to your business? Take a look at our newly-released white paper, ?20 Tips for the Customer-Centric Marketer? to get more insight on the following:

  • tips for personalizing the prospect experience — for marketers and sales reps
  • how marketing automation can help create a positive and impactful customer experience
  • suggestions for ways to use data to customize the sales experience for customers
  • ways to show your customer appreciation and improve your retention rates.

Download the free white paper by clicking on the banner below.

customer centric marketing

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