11 Noteworthy Marketing Buzzwords to Avoid [#SlideShare]

In both 2012 and 2013, we put together a list of popular marketing buzzwords that had come to our attention (you can view the 2012 article here and the 2013 article here). While each of these words had a ring to them, we were careful to issue a few words of warning: if you use any of these buzzwords, you risk alienating your audience with your vague terminology and technical jargon. Overusing buzzwords like “laser-focused” and “leverage” can clutter communications, making messages that should be easy to understand quite difficult to decipher.

But even after reading several posts about the dangers of overusing buzzwords, we’re still hearing them every day — in presentations by industry leaders and executives, in webinars, and even in the blog posts that we read on a regular basis. That’s why we’re continuing our educational initiative with this SlideShare presentation, 11 Noteworthy Marketing Buzzwords to Avoid, which goes through 11 of the most common offenders on our buzzword hit list.

Take a look at the presentation below, and see if there are any on the list that you need to purge from your vocabulary. If you’ve never used any of them, on the other hand, let’s keep it that way!

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8 thoughts on “11 Noteworthy Marketing Buzzwords to Avoid [#SlideShare]

  • Right! Just going to have to leave the low hanging fruit for a bit and gain more leverage with my wizard SEO I guess… Thanks for the post Jenna! If they stop using those buzz words in the warrior forum they’ll have to wipe half of it off…

    • Thanks for the comment, Matt! Love the buzzword usage (it’s okay when done sarcastically!)

  • Just forwarded to my team:

    A great link to a “game changing” deck to “leverage” with our clients so they can avoid the “low hanging fruit” of using “disruptive” buzzwords when producing “snackable content” to “push the envelope” with their marketing “atomization” efforts . Reviewing the list is truly an “immersive experience” that all marketing “wizards” should reference in terms of “pain points”.

    Can’t manage to squeeze “gamification” into my two sentences. 🙂

    • I love it, Caryn! Very impressive, I couldn’t find a way to get even half of those into one sentence.

  • “In the pipeline.” I hate that term. Not sure why people are too scared to say “it’s not done yet.” Silos is another I’m hearing all too often that is just more word than it actually means.

  • This is a great little informational piece. It really got me thinking as a Marketer how often I use some of these buzzwords and others that have become so overused.

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