10 Stats for the Modern SMB Marketer [SlideShare]

If you’re an SMB marketer, you’re probably used to working with limited resources, doing more with less, and working around time constraints. And while it’s commonly assumed that these things hold SMB marketers back, recent statistics actually reveal the opposite: in a lot of ways, SMB marketers are ahead of the curve.

With a smaller company, less red tape, and fewer employees to float ideas by for approvals, SMB marketers have the advantage of being incredibly nimble in an industry where companies are expected to react to new technologies at the drop of a hat. Let’s take a look at some important statistics we’ve gathered that reflect the modern-day SMB marketer’s frame of mind, how they approach their content marketing strategy, and more.

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94% of B2B small business marketers use content marketing. (CMI)

Over 50% of the current working population in the United States works in a small business setting. (Forbes)

69% of B2B small business marketers say case studies are the most effective content marketing tactic they use, and 67% cite in-person events as the most effective tactic. (CMI)

70% of SMBs spend 3 or fewer hours per week on email marketing, but 77% reported that email marketing increases their revenue. (AWeber Communications)

48% of B2B small business marketers have a documented content strategy. (CMI)

Small businesses have generated more than 65% of the new jobs created in the U.S. since 1996. (Get Busy Media)

85% of B2B small business marketers say brand awareness is their organization’s top goal for content marketing. (CMI)

34% of B2B small business marketers outsource content creation. (CMI)

Organic search accounts for, on average, 41% of traffic to SMB b2b websites, but just 27% of leads. Social media, in contrast, supplies just 2% of visits but 5% leads. And email accounts for just 1% of web traffic on average, but 9% of leads. (eMarketer)

91% of B2B small business marketers cite LinkedIn as the social media platform they use most often to distribute content. (CMI)