10 Social Media Resources for Salespeople

We often discuss social media tactics on our blog, and we?ve recently taken on the topic of social selling in particular: what it is, why it works, and how to do it effectively. But reaching out to prospects isn?t the only way in which salespeople can benefit from the world of social; some of the top minds in the industry regularly share and engage through their networks, providing an invaluable opportunity to make connections and access worthwhile content.

Just getting started on social? Looking for new ways to connect? If you?re in sales (or are just looking to learn more about it), make sure that you?re taking advantage of the following Twitter and LinkedIn resources to hear about new trends, learn best practices, and connect with your peers.

On Twitter

With over 645 million active users, it takes a lot to stand out on Twitter, but these five individuals have it down to an art. Follow their accounts for top sales-related content, tips, and inspiration — and use their mentions and recommendations to discover more helpful resources.






On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Groups are a powerful way to connect with like-minded industry leaders and expand your network. Set up daily or weekly emails to keep yourself apprised of group activities, and don?t be afraid to jump into conversations to share your own thoughts and experiences! If you?re looking for a particularly engaging experience, some private groups require members to periodically join in conversations in order to remain a part of the group, so you?re sure to see a lot of activity. Check out a few of our favorite options below:






Know of some other great Twitter handles or LinkedIn Groups? Share them in our comments section! And if you?re still looking for more tips and tricks from fellow salespeople, you can hear how our own sales team uses the tools at their fingertips (directly from the reps themselves) in our latest eBook, 25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales.

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