10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform

Do you deal with pain, delays, and frustration from a marketing automation platform that doesn’t meet your needs? Have you been putting off switching to a new platform because you’re afraid the time and energy won’t pay off in the end?

Before Pardot came along, InsideView, a leader in helping B2B companies accelerate growth through Targeting Intelligence, hadn’t considered switching from their previous marketing automation platform. They had assumed the headaches they dealt with were just part of the marketing automation game.

Once they started asking the right questions, though, it became clear there was a better way.

Ask the right questions.

Here are ten questions you should ask if you think you could be getting more out of your marketing automation platform.

  1. How much time does your marketing team spend building each campaign?
  2. Can your marketing team build a campaign without technical or other support?
  3. Can your marketing team get the metrics they need?
  4. Do you experience delays in data transfers between your marketing automation platform and your CRM?
  5. How much time does marketing operations spend on your marketing automation platform?
  6. Does your MA platform require multiple web domains to facilitate landing pages and other assets?
  7. Does your team complain about your marketing automation platform?
  8. Are you paying for marketing automation features that you never use?
  9. Is your marketing automation vendor responsive to your needs and requests for help?
  10. Could your marketing data and assets benefit from a right-sizing?

The answers to these questions helped InsideView realize they needed a marketing automation partner more in tune with their specific needs. Learn more about how InsideView switched to Pardot and saw immediate results.

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