10 Inspiring Tips from Moms in Marketing

“At the end of the day my most important job is still mom-in-chief.” 

– Michelle Obama

You don’t have to be a former First Lady to know the special call of motherhood. The work-life balancing act, the late night pampering and early morning meetings, and muting conference calls at a soccer game are all a part of the call. 

Our marketing moms work hard to care for their families and help companies stay connected with their customers. 

We’ve asked 10 inspirational moms in marketing to share how they rise to the challenge.  

Check out their inspiring tips! 


Marketing Automation Lead, NSF International
2020 Salesforce Marketing Champion

Ashley Anger

Enjoy and celebrate the moment, both big and little, in your personal and professional life. One of my favorite quotes is, “What she tackles, she conquers.” I’m not a marketing professional just because I love it; I’m a marketing professional because I want to show my two daughters you can build a successful career doing what you love. It will take hard work, continued learning, balance, work/life integration, and grit. I don’t hide my failures and successes. We learn together and we celebrate them all.


Senior Manager, Appnovation
2020 Salesforce Marketing Champion

Natasha Gilani

My advice to moms in marketing is to seize every opportunity to learn: self-study, watch tutorials, discover new technology and features, sign up for speaking opportunities, lead innovation projects (even if you have to conceive them yourself). Blaze your own trail and be unstoppable.  


Senior Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce 

Jessica (Chan) Cobarras

Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self. I have a five year old, a two year old, and a demanding job that I love. I often feel that the working “mom memes” are speaking directly to me. #thestruggleisreal. 

One thing that has helped me is being open about how messy and imperfect it can be.  Not only is it better for my mental health, but it also creates an environment that makes others feel safe enough to share their feelings too.


Marketing Cloud Consultant, Arxcient
2020 Salesforce Marketing Champion

Jyothsna Bitra
Jyothsna Bitra

Own your time, take effective breaks in between, practice self-care, stay active and positive. With your kids, set a schedule, stick to a routine, and lay out clear instructions so things are taken care of with less dependency on you.


Pardot Solution Architect, Idealist Consulting
2020 Salesforce Marketing Champion

Kirsten Kippen

I became a marketer because I love writing and showing impact through data; I stayed a marketer because of the ability to flex with the seasons of my life. 

When I was pregnant with my second child, I decided to shift from being an in-house B2B marketing director to become a full-time Pardot consultant, so that I would have more flexibility to see my children during the day. This job fits my life right now (yes, even in the midst of a pandemic) and I’m confident that I can flex into new areas in the future if I need to. 

Find a job that energizes you and fits your life, and expect to adapt as things change over the years!


Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Salesforce

Marta Lawrence
Marta Lawrence

At the beginning of this pandemic I started a LinkedIn video series called Pandemic Parenting. With three kids (Mavis, 2; Sage, 7; and Bennett,9), a puppy, and a geriatric lab that refuses to leave my side, it’s been the creative outlet I’ve desperately needed. These short interviews have made me feel a little less alone while hopefully helping others feel the same. 

One thing I’ve learned from the parents I’ve interviewed is that we’re all doing our best and it’s okay if your parenting looks different than your friends and colleagues. So, keep your head down, keep doing your best, and try not to compare your journey to others. 


Senior Marketing Strategy & Implementation Consultant, Destined
2020 Salesforce Marketing Champion

Tammy Begley

Being a marketing mom requires exceptional organizational skills and so does being a marketer. I think marketing moms need to be super duper organized. Not only are you trying to hit those crazy marketing campaign deadlines, you also have to make sure you make time to do all of the parenting tasks that moms are required to do. Being incredibly organized means to plan ahead. 

Do not be afraid to outsource! I have always believed in getting help if you can. As babysitting is allowed in Australia during COVID19, I decided to help someone who had lost their job during this time by hiring them twice a week as a tutor for our son. 

Lastly, always schedule “me” time. Moms in general need to make sure they take time out for themselves whether it be to take a walk, get a massage, or have coffee or drinks with girlfriends. We need time out to prevent burnout. 


Marketing Campaigns, Salesforce

Nicole Nickerson Owens

As a working mom of two growing girls, I can honestly say the most important thing I’ve learned over the last 14 years is the word ‘perspective’.  Evaluating what I value in my career, my family, and personal care have all put into ‘perspective’ what I consider success. This one word makes it easier to not only focus, but also take a step back when I need to reset.


Director, Analytics, Media Matters Worldwide
2020 Salesforce Marketing Champions

Emilie Lee

Career-wise, the younger you are, say ‘yes’ to as much as you can and hustle. Will you fall flat on your face sometimes? Yes, you will. Will that little ‘fail’ define your career? No, I promise it won’t, but each time you try, you’ll learn from the experience. 

Also, identify some sort of vision for your career or department. Think about what it will take to make that vision come to life. Even if the path you create veers off into another opportunity, that’s fine. Always look back to see how far you’ve come. 

During COVID-19, take it one day at a time, plan where and when you can, and do the best you can. There’s a reason why Marketer/Teacher/Mother/Cleaner/Chef isn’t a career; it’s impossible. We’re all in this together, and remember, this too shall pass.


Corporate Marketing Manager, Salesforce

Denise Triest

Teaching daily pre-K lessons to our boys (Beckett, 5 & Walker, 3) and keeping our baby girl busy (Sloane, 1) has not been an easy task. Add to this household mix two working parents and a hectic COVID social distancing schedule. I am not alone being a working mom trying to keep her head above water. 

Please remember you are not alone and each day is a new day. I believe facing these obstacles of simultaneously keeping our children healthy, active, fed, and happy (mostly) at home, while keeping a pulse on our marketing careers is only making us stronger. 

Keep swimming, believe in yourself, and have faith in the growth you will gain through your experiences.

Kudos to all of our inspiring marketing moms!  We appreciate all that you do for your families, our customers, and our company. 

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