10 Funny Jokes Only Marketers Will Get

As a content marketer, I live in a world of curating and creating content, and while my focus is mainly marketing automation and CRM content, sometimes I hit gold. Recently, I was pulling some helpful marketing insights for a new blog post, when I stumbled upon these gems. Instead of just sharing them piecemeal, I did what any normal content marketer would do and collated them together. Enjoy, and make sure to put that coffee down before reading this. I warned you.

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1. How many marketers does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, they've automated it. -- @annaleenyc

2. My accountant asked me “What’s your net pay?” So I said, “About 2 cents per click.

3. One SEO expert enters a restaurant, restaurant, eating, burger, organic, halal, french touch, menu, reservation, paris... -- @HamdouniMohamed

4. What's a telemarketer's favorite song? Answer my call, maybe. -- @annaleenyc

5. This is an A/B test conversation so C you later. -- @towerdata

6. To step up its game, Oreo will be merging with Famous Amos. -- @lenkendall

7. Why did the marketer get off the trampoline?? He was worried about his bounce rate. -- @annaleenyc

8. Why did the marketing couple decide not to get married? Because they weren't on the same landing page. -- @eboxed

9. Key roles on a conference call: facilitator, time-keeper, scribe, and scapegoat. -- @evankduffy

10. And finally:

Dilbert Marketing Joke

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