Attention all B2B marketers! Grab your notepads, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to pass your B2B exams with flying colors. Join us as we kick off 2018 with how-to tips and step-by-step guides to creating a marketing strategy that sales teams love. We’ve rallied our team of experts and B2B Marketing Trailblazers to share best practices, lessons learned and answer questions you may have as you prepare and implement your B2B marketing automation strategy.

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Extra Credit: 3 Marketing Strategies to Help Sales Close More Deals

Speaker: Lindsey DiGiovanni, Pardot Success Specialist, Salesforce
Date: April 17, 2018 | 11am PT / 2pm ET

Marketers are great at communicating with prospects and customers - but what about their other audience? Part of aligning your sales and marketing teams starts with understanding how marketing's efforts can support sales in reaching out to customers and prospects, and how sales can, in turn, collect valuable information that marketing teams can learn from. Join us as we uncover 3 marketing strategies that will give sales the leverage they need to cross the finish line and increase their win rate.

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Salesforce on Salesforce: How to Build a Killer Sales Activation Strategy

Speaker: Daniel Newman, Product Marketing Manager - Pardot, Salesforce
Emily Fultz, Product Enablement Analyst, Salesforce
Date: April 24, 2018 | 11am PT / 2pm ET

As marketers, we have the responsibility to enable and support our sales teams as they build relationships with customers and prospects. If you've wondered how we construct our sales enablement strategy here at Salesforce, join us for this special behind-the-scenes look at how we create, manage, and run internal campaigns designed to empower our sales reps.

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Recorded Webinar: 3 Secrets to Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Speaker: Virginia Baaklini, Sr. Success Specialist, Salesforce Pardot

Marketing automation is all about simplifying the lives of B2B marketers. It's designed to save your marketing team's time, help you better align with sales, and measure the impact of your marketing efforts. Whether you're a marketing team of one or one-hundred, marketing automation can help you make the grade as a B2B marketing superhero. Join us and we'll take you through the basics of getting started with marketing automation.

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Recorded Webinar: 3 Steps to High-Quality Leads with Shareable Content

Speaker: Alysse Allen, Pardot Success Specialist, Salesforce Pardot
Justin Shine, Marketing Technology Manager, Slalom

Prospects consume content across a myriad of platforms when they're making purchasing decisions. As a B2B marketer, having a strong content marketing strategy makes all the difference between finding more high-quality leads or none at all. Join us as we walk through 3 simple steps to developing an A+ content marketing strategy that will help you capture and convert high-quality leads.

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Recorded Webinar: 5 Hot Tips for Warming Up Cold Leads

Speaker: Steve Giovinazzo, RVP, General Business Sales, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce
Jeffrey Martin, Director of Content Marketing, Sightpath Medical

The winter might be chilly, but don't let your leads get cold! Give your marketing and sales teams the tools to warm up those cold leads to a sales-ready state. Join us as we share 5 tips for building a nurture strategy that will help increase conversion rates, deliver customized experiences, and get cold leads warmed up and ready to buy.

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Recorded Webinar: How to Build an A+ Marketing Strategy with Your Sales Team

Speaker: Cara Clanton, Pardot Success Specialist
Bill Reed, Product Marketing Manager - Pardot
Julia Spano, Head of Marketing, Beeswax

When B2B marketing and sales teams join forces, they're a dynamic duo. Together they can create a streamlined buying experience for customers. In order to bring the two teams together, it's important to identify the areas where marketing and sales overlap. Join us as we go through the building blocks of bridging the gap between marketing and sales teams to create an A+ strategy for driving revenue.

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