Calling all B2B marketers, lovers of lead generation, and savants of sales enablement!
Grab your 2017 marketing plan and join us in starting the year off strong with some marketing inspiration from our
team of experts and marketing trailblazers. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite topics for short
and sweet 20 minute webinars that will give you the how-to tips and “been there, done that” advice to put the
finishing touches on your 2017 strategy.

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5 Habits for a Purposeful Email Marketing Strategy using Marketing Automation

Speaker: Nicole Nickerson, Email Marketing Manager, Salesforce

Contrary to what some might say is popular belief, you don't have to live in a world of click & pray when it comes to your B2B email campaigns. Join us as we explore how marketing automation goes beyond basic email and cover some quick take-aways in four key areas: technical best practices, data best practices, content creation, and email cadence.

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How Pardot Drives Demand with Online Advertising

Speaker: Katie Blair, Senior Manager, Marketing, Salesforce

It's no secret that online advertising campaigns play a critical role in fueling the sales cycle for B2B companies. Join us as we share strategies for driving leads and pipeline across channels like SEM, display, and paid social media.

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Real World Strategies for Sales Enablement Success

Speaker: Laura Horton, Director, Marketing, Salesforce

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that one of marketing’s most important customers is sitting right under the same roof. It's your sales team. Learn how Salesforce combines technology and creativity to educate, empower, and engage a busy B2B sales organization.

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Running B2B Marketing Campaigns as a Team of One

Speaker: Christian Mullis, Director of Marketing, AllTrust

Marketer wears many hats and may be responsible for upwards of 10 different campaigns all at once. How do you successfully manage it all, particularly if you are a team of one? Join us to hear straight from the source how one Salesforce Pardot clients does it all!

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Create Brand Champions: Marketing Automation Through the Customer Journey

Speaker: Peter Green, Senior Marketing Manager, AMN Healthcare

Customers can be one of your biggest sources of referrals, references, and word-of-mouth-marketing. So, why do so many marketers focus all of their campaigns on prospects? Join us to learn how marketing automation can be used for more than top-of-funnel efforts.

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