Protecting Your Email Stats from Bot Activity with Metrics Guard for Email

Internet security is always evolving. As attack methods change, so do defense mechanisms. A few years ago, we saw a new development in email security. Some inbox providers started employing scanners that would click every link in an email to test its source. This is good news for email security — less risk in your…

Introducing: Emoji!

No doubt that you?ve seen emoji living in various subject lines inside your inbox lately. Fun fact: Did you know emoji have been shown to increase email open rates? And, as more of our communication becomes text based, emoji are one of the key ways you can express emotions that words may not quite capture….

SSL for Vanity Domains Now Available

SSL for Vanity Domains is now available for all our customers! You may have heard recently that a secure web is here to stay, and that more sites will get a “Not Secure” warning. The good news is that you can now use your own domain with https for your Pardot landing pages and forms. Not…

Introducing SSL for Vanity Domains

What is SSL? As a B2B marketer, your website is likely one of the top tools in your marketing toolkit. That?s why it?s important to secure it via SSL (represented as HTTPS:// in your browser?s address bar). With SSL enabled, your site is less susceptible to injected content and man-in-the-middle attacks. Plus, major browsers like…

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