The ON24 integration service for Pardot allows you to close the loop between your webinar and marketing automation platforms, taking your demand generation and customer engagement programs to the next level. With the combination of ON24 and Pardot, you can use webinar activity to add new prospects, build lead nurturing lists, and create opportunities in your marketing automation platform.

Over 30 types of ON24 metrics can be delivered to Pardot, including viewing duration, level of engagement, poll responses, and user questions (see ON24’s data sheet below for more information). These metrics can be used to track prospect activity in greater detail, improve Pardot-based lead scoring, and enhance lead nurturing programs.


  • ON24 integration service is flexible and configurable, allowing it to adapt to your unique marketing workflow
  • Over 30 types of ON24 metrics can be delivered to your Pardot marketing automation platform
  • One-time setup process for all of your ON24 marketing webcasts, performed by ON24 client services

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