Enable your team to efficiently plan and produce all marketing content with Kapost, the Gartner- and Forrester-recognized leader in B2B content marketing. Define your strategy, and execute integrated marketing campaigns with all stakeholders: Marketers, Sales, Partners, Agencies, Executives, Subject Matter Experts, and Compliance. Kapost reveals: 1) what content you have, 2) what content you’re working on, and 3) what content you need. Kapost’s ROI is clear:

  • 512% increase in leads attributable to marketing content
  • 253% increase in online engagement
  • 200% increase in email open rates
  • 133% increase in return visitors to their Website
  • 30% reduction in asset production cycle time

To drive more marketing attributable leads and revenue, marketers must plan and produce multi-media content to publish on multiple channels, for each offering, each persona, each market, at each customer relationship stage. That’s not easy! Kapost offers four integrated solutions to help Pardot marketers be better at marketing content:

  • Auditor:  to identify existing content automatically
  • Factory:  to plan and produce content easier
  • Gallery:  to visualize and share content faster
  • Insights:  to manage your entire content operation

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