Google Analytics

Pardot has adopted the same URL tagging standards as Google Analytics, allowing users to track their macro-level data in Google Analytics and their micro-level data in Pardot. The shared Google Analytics data can also be sent into the connected CRM system and included with the prospect’s record.

The connector will allow those using Google Analytics Keyword Tags in URLs to pass those tags into Pardot. Once the tags are in Pardot, the fields can be synced with a compatible CRM system, allowing you to use the CRM reporting features to run custom analysis on your tags. Data will be collected from all five of the Google Analytics tags: campaign name, medium, source, content, and term.

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  • Pass Google Analytics parameters into your CRM system
  • Gain greater insight into lead sources, mediums, and campaigns
  • View Google Analytics data on each prospect profile
  • Use CRM reporting features to run custom analysis

This app was built by and is maintained by Pardot.