Send emails from the comfort of your chosen email interface and track their success in Pardot with our Gmail connector for Google Chrome. Each time you send an email:

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  • Any links in your emails will be tracked behind the scenes for valuable insight into prospects’ interactions with your emails. Links will be rewritten with a unique URL, tracking the recipient from the first click
  • A new prospect record will be created in Pardot with the prospect’s name and email address, allowing you to begin building out that prospect profile
  • If Pardot is integrated with a CRM system, a new lead will be created in the CRM
  • If the prospect already exists in the Pardot or your CRM, the email will be added as an activity to that prospect’s record
  • Prospects can be assigned to any campaign you choose. If no campaign is selected, prospects will be added to a default campaign called “Email Plug-in”
  • Send Pardot email templates using the power of Engage for Gmail

This app is only available as part of Salesforce Engage