BriteVerify Integration with Pardot

Pardot’s integration with BriteVerify equips marketers with a powerful, real-time email verification solution for their online forms.

BriteForms works with your Pardot form to verify email addresses as they are entered and create a better overall form experience. Real-time verification and secure form protection help you stop invalid email addresses, bot attacks, and fraudulent submissions from ever reaching your database, resulting in a better consumer experience, increased email deliverability and greater marketing ROI.

With a clean database, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most — connecting with real people.

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  • Real-time email address verification for your online forms
  • Simple cut & paste installation integrates seamlessly with your existing form
  • Conversion statistics showing you how many people have viewed, started, abandoned, and completed your form, providing a unique insight into your form’s overall conversion rate
  • Detailed breakdowns of email verification statuses (Valid, Invalid, Unknown, and Accept All) in your form over hours, days, or months
  • Powerful analytics track changes in form views, conversions and fraud attempts over hours, days, or months, helping you fix problems before they get out of hand

What You Need

Pardot Account
BriteVerify BriteForms account

How it Works

To add BriteVerify to your forms, you’ll need to:

  1. Add your Pardot form’s URL to your Trusted Domains list in BriteForms.
  2. Embed the BriteForms code into your form.
  3. verify the integration to ensure it’s working.

For more detailed setup information, please visit BriteVerify’s Pardot Integration Guide.