Wistia Case Study

Wistia Turns Client Trials into Client Triumphs with Pardot

Company: Wistia
Industry: Internet
Wistia provides web video hosting, built for business. Their video upload capabilities are securely stored in the cloud and served up however a client would like – any time, anywhere, on any device.

Key Client Challenge:

Wistia was in a lead gathering free-for-all. Their engaging 15-day free-service trial for their web video hosting service was successfully bringing in a large number of leads. That was the good news. But once the prospects were identified, their lead nurturing was a one-size-fits-all approach. There was little the sales and support teams at Wistia could do to tailor messaging to the unique needs of each prospect. It was even more challenging to measure how these efforts were affecting the conversion rate to paid customer.

Pardot Solution:

Pardot gave Wistia guidance in lead management education along with the tools that they needed to perfect their marketing process. Using Pardot, Wistia gained the ability to look at the entire sales and lead cycle, from lead capture to conversion to a paid client. Once leads signed up for Wistia’s trial service, Pardot segmented them using powerful automation rules based on lead interaction. Leads were placed in targeted drip programs that sent follow-up emails at measured time periods. Further customized emails were sent to prospects who stalled at different points during the trial process, encouraging them to complete the next step or providing them with the contact information of a Wistia support team member. When a lead completed the trial workflow, they received a congratulatory email containing the personal phone number of a Wistia sales team member. If a lead’s trial expired, on the other hand, the lead was placed on a 3-month nurturing program where they would receive bi-weekly newsletters.

From automated email deployments, to drip campaigns and streamlined campaign reporting, Pardot seamlessly provided views into leads’ activities. Pardot also successfully facilitated Wistia’s day-to-day contact with leads and provided insight into how a lead interacted with Wistia’s website. Specifically, Pardot indicated which pages were being touched prior to a lead signing up for a trial, and what percentage of those leads went on to become clients. This valuable lead tracking information helped Wistia customize their trial approach and improve their lead conversion from trial to lead to client.


Using Pardot, Wistia was able to increase the number of free service trial leads by 40%, resulting in improved purchase potential. They also executed successful segmentation of the free service trial leads via Pardot’s dynamic lists feature and delivered targeted follow-up messaging, as well as confirmed the free service trial successes via Pardot’s monthly ROI reporting capabilities. Finally, they improved look and feel of emails with Pardot’s vast email template library and intuitive email builder, and advanced lead management process education through Pardot training and guidance.

User Comments:

“Pardot gave us the tools at our disposal to write rules that were specific to Wistia business needs. This resulted in a significant increase in both the quality of incoming leads and, subsequently, conversion from trial lead to customer.”

Ezra Fishman, 
Marketing Director