RedTail Solutions Case Study

RedTail Solutions Eases Marketing Pains & Arms Sales with Powerful Prospect Information

Company: RedTail Solutions, Inc.
Industry: Computer Software
RedTail Solutions, Inc. is a provider of managed services for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Global Data Synchronization (GDS) to mid-sized suppliers in the retail supply chain. These solutions enable consumer products, grocery, hard lines, and medical products companies to enhance their trading partner relationships, optimizing logistics and trade compliance performance.

Key Client Challenge:

Having outgrown their previous marketing automation system, RedTail Solutions began the search for a new system that would synchronize easily and effectively with their CRM, RedTail needed to find a system that met current requirements, had room for growth and was straightforward to implement. They could not afford to terminate their ongoing marketing campaigns for weeks at a time while they worked on integration. RedTail also hoped to overcome the limitations of their existing system, which was clumsy to use and poor at inbound marketing. Did such a system exist? RedTail was pleased to find that Pardot met all of these needs and more.

Pardot Solution:

Pardot enabled RedTail to improve sales and marketing productivity and outbound program quality simultaneously. Because Pardot was much easier to use, they spent time on critical marketing deliverables like messaging and content generation, instead of wasting it on system overhead. Automating more processes and using Pardot to monitor prospect activity decreased manual follow-up efforts and meant less busy work for RedTail’s team. Most importantly, launching Pardot, including conversion of all data and content, occurred in record time without interruption to marketing programs.

RedTail has multiple audiences — end user prospects, partners, customers, and other stakeholders. Pardot’s strong segmentation features allowed them to deliver the right messages to each audience every time for positive, better informed interaction. Marketing reach was extended by including social media content and tracking. Simplicity of CRM and website integration drove fresh, new approaches to trade show and event marketing. Data integrity improved greatly due to flawless CRM synchronization and the inclusion of native Pardot forms on website conversion and landing pages. Search indexing of RedTail’s website was upgraded with the Pardot site search capability. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising reports in Pardot made progress visible to management
without the need for external tools.

RedTail experienced more than replacement of an aging system — they vaulted their marketing capabilities into a new category of sophistication. They also polished their
company image and gained market share from the competition. All of this was achieved with existing resources while the flow of sales continued smoothly.


After implementing Pardot, RedTail Solutions increased quality and frequency of outbound campaigns, generating more and better prospects, and improving overall marketing team productivity by 40%.
They found prospects earlier in sales cycle, with 22% more website conversions, and transformed inbound marketing with real-time monitoring and alerting. Pardot provided RedTail with an all-in-one tool for inbound and outbound marketing activities — a single place to do business.

User Comments:

“Pardot handles everything I needed to do, plus a lot of things I wanted to do, but couldn’t with our prior system. I get to concentrate on marketing now, not on systems maintenance. Pardot has the right combination of inbound and outbound marketing functionality all in one place. Activity tracking, alerting and CRM syncing are fast, reliable and bullet-proof. The system is designed and built to implement
easily and to utilize new features the moment they are released. Of all the systems I have ever used, Pardot provides the very best support and the swiftest development cycle for enhancements by a long margin!”

John Matera
Director of Marketing, RedTail Solutions, Inc.