IRT Surveys Case Study

IRT Surveys Yields 10x Increase in Monthly Qualified Leads

Company: IRT Surveys
Industry: Construction
IRT Surveys, specialists in infrared thermographic surveys, is the largest infrared company in Europe serving building professionals, energy consultants, property owners, housing associations, and engineers alike. With the ability to photograph and quantify energy loss, IRT Survey’s software allows clients to see exactly how much energy and money is leaving their property.

Key Client Challenge:

Prior to implementing Pardot, IRT Surveys relied on the traditional ‘spray and pray’ approach to B2B marketing. Despite sophisticated executions, they were unable to comprehensively track potential leads and prioritise them for acquiring new business. IRT Surveys needed a solution that could help them increase marketing effectiveness and target leads with relevant, timely information while providing trackable, measurable results.

Pardot Solution:

IRT Surveys began to use Pardot marketing automation to target specific market sectors and start growing their business. Once they had built up their database and the content to support it, they were able to engage prospects, educate the marketplace, and bring in new business through the use of drip campaigns. Segmentation allowed IRT Surveys to include content in their drip emails that was relevant to each segment of their target market. Drip emails were personalized with targeted content and included a signature from IRT Survey’s CEO, giving the emails greater credibility.

Scores within Pardot were adjusted based on how prospects reacted to the drip campaigns. Once prospects reached a threshold score, they were automatically assigned to a sales rep for follow up. The ability to score and grade prospects made it much easier for IRT Surveys to pinpoint which prospects were ready for sales to follow up and close, effectively eliminating the need for their franchisee network to continue cold calling.

While in the past, IRT Surveys had spent money on PR, trade advertising, SEO, PPC, and telesales, they found that their investment was becoming increasingly inefficient and that nothing was as measurable as activity done in Pardot. Pardot’s reporting functionality helped pinpoint prospects ready for a sales conversation, new business opportunities, effectiveness of current marketing efforts, and increases in web traffic and conversions—giving the IRT Surveys marketing team the ability to demonstrate their return on investment to the business.


Within six months of implementing Pardot, IRT Surveys found that web traffic had increased 2x as a result of direct traffic from drip campaigns and thought leadership articles. They experienced a ten-fold increase in the number of sales-ready contacts and monthly qualified leads, and more than 50 new opportunities and £50,000 of new business were brought in as a direct result of Pardot.

User Comments:

“Pardot brings sales opportunities in, so you spend less money on marketing and more time in the market. People are actually coming to you!”

Stewart Little,