Epicom Corporation Case Study

Epicom Corporation Doubles Lead Flow & Client Engagement with Pardot

Company: Epicom Corporation
Industry: Software
Located in Austin, TX, Epicom is a consulting and systems integration company, specializing in CRM and marketing automation. Epicom partners with industry leading software and service providers who create the tools used to build great CRM solutions for customers.

Key Client Challenge:

Epicom needed a solid, established company that offered a robust marketing automation tool with easy integration capabilities for SugarCRM. They were searching for a system that accurately identified quality leads, provided a vehicle for lead follow-up and conversion activities, and hosted much-needed lead nurturing programs.

Pardot Solution:

Meeting all of the implementation objectives, Pardot quickly resolved Epicom’s ongoing challenges by giving them a reliable platform through which leads and clients received consistent communications. New insight and knowledge on lead activities gave the marketing and sales teams the ability to formulate effective, targeted marketing and sales messaging, unique to each lead and their individual challenges.

With Pardot, Epicom was better able to identify and profile leads, resulting in a focused use of the sales team’s time and efforts. Pardot’s LeadDeck was a hit with the sales team, giving them minute-to-minute insight into lead and client activities. The integration of opportunities between Pardot and SugarCRM, as well as the GoodData reporting functionality, provided detailed visibility into prospect activities — from the first point of lead engagement, to signing the client contract, and beyond.


With Pardot, Epicom doubled active customer base in five months. They doubled web traffic and experienced 63% increase in website leads over the course of a one-year period. Increased links to website 2,400% in five months, doubling annual company revenue. They also re-designed website, incorporating Pardot tracking and web-to-lead forms. They produced easy-to-create Pardot drip programs, leading to desired nurturing touch points, created easy and seamless webinar integration with WebEx connector and increased amount of promotional pieces and communications created and used.

User Comments:

“Pardot acts as an additional resource for Epicom, by automating communication, affording us more focused efforts and better use our sales team’s time. As we continue to grow, Pardot enables us to repurpose more content to use for nurturing programs, and provides additional ways to reach out to prospects and customers.”

Amanda Anderson,
Marketing Manager