Customer Service Delivery Platform Case Study

Customer Service Delivery Platform Doubles Lead Output with Marketing Automation

Company: Customer Service Delivery Platform
Industry: Computer Software
Customer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP) is a provider of service relationship management (SRM) solutions that helps hightech, medical, consumer product, industrial manufacturing, and third-party organizations to automate and optimize any aspect of post-sales delivery while increasing ROI.

Key Client Challenge:

Since CSDP was already using Microsoft CRM Dynamics, they wanted a solution that could integrate with their existing platform straight out of the box — without going over their budget. Their previous solution was cumbersome, difficult to use, and lacked the intuitive feel that they wanted. It also didn’t provide them with the functionality they needed, such as the ability to integrate with Microsoft CRM Dynamics, create landing pages, view website visitor details, or easily create drip programs.

Pardot Solution:

CSDP was able to create twice as many drip campaigns in a third of the time it took with their previous system. Better scoring rules were put into place to determine when their prospects were ready to be passed on to sales. Using these rules, the marketing team was able to sort their non sales-ready prospects into appropriate drip nurturing campaigns, allowing CSDP to maintain a consistent presence over time. The integration with Microsoft CRM Dynamics seamlessly synced prospect data between Pardot and their CRM, giving them the ability to automatically assign any sales-ready leads to a salesperson and saving them time and effort in the process.

CSDP was also able to take advantage of Pardot’s extensive reporting capabilities, making it possible to track form submissions, traffic to their site, downloads, and webinar registrations all in one place.


After implementing Pardot, CSDP successfully doubled the number of leads, contacts and marketing campaigns capable of being managed by existing resources. They were able to identify interested companies with Pardot’s website visitor tracking information, and generate weekly reports (using analytics on email, site traffic, natural search, landing pages, and content) to gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts. They also increased productivity of marketing and sales teams after implementing scoring and automatic assignment rules, and aggregated prospect information easily and efficiently via Pardot landing pages and forms.

User Comments:

“Pardot’s customer support is just outstanding. I really can’t say enough about it. For any questions that we’ve asked and any issues that we’ve had, we’ve gotten quick responses and great answers. You want to do business with companies that you really like and respect, and we really respect Pardot.”

Christina Wilczewski
Senior Marketing Manager, Customer Service Delivery Platform