Omnipress Case Study

Omnipress’ Lead Generation Soars

Company: Omnipress
Industry: Production/Fulfillment
Omnipress is a “one-stop-shop” solution for producing your conference and educational meeting materials in print, CD, flash drive and online. Each year, more than 800 associations, meeting professionals and volunteers trust Omnipress to complete their projects. From early planning to the collection of speaker materials, all the way through production and delivery, Omnipress representatives are working hard to make your job easier and your organization look good.

Key Client Challenge:

Omnipress developed a multi-channel marketing plan including direct mail, email, sales calls and trade shows, with a focus on providing frequent, compelling content. Though they were able to gain some high-level metrics from programs they were using, they were still lacking in-depth, detailed information about individual visitors. In addition, the marketing team had no easy way of passing findings to their sales staff. Though their efforts were generating some new prospects, they still hoped to find a way to increase the number of incoming leads from their website.

Pardot Solution:

Using Pardot, Omnipress was able to easily create landing pages and forms to supplement their online marketing campaigns. By using forms to “lock down” desirable content and pages such as test drives and information requests, they obtained valuable data points from site visitors. Through tracking page views and monitoring site searches, Omnipress sales representatives were able to assess prospect needs and target follow-up communications accordingly, using Pardot email templates to increase efficiency.


In the two months following their Pardot implementation:

  • In the first two months of using the Pardot system, Omnipress has generated 517% more leads year over year.
  • They were able to target the needs of new leads as well as gain insight into the interests and upgrade potential of current customers.
  • The sales department now approaches selling very differently, rarely ever calling upon prospects who haven’t visited the Omnipress website. Instead of explaining their product to cold calls, they are able to focus energy on addressing the prospect’s specific interests, based on web site interaction of potential or current customers.
  • Omnipress was able to keep costs down by using Pardot to increase incoming leads and refocus current leads, without having to attend expensive trade shows or hire additional sales staff.
  • The Omnipress marketing team enhanced their web analytics findings by monitoring Visitor Sessions in Pardot. This has led to a deeper understanding of who is visiting their website and helped further segment target markets.

User Comments:

“Pardot has made my job more complex, but the return is phenomenal. Marketing communications is a lot more than broadcasting simple emails and we needed a tool to take us to the next level.  I am learning a lot about our clients and visitors by seeing the pages they visit, their digital behavior on our site. Then to drive this information to our sales staff’s finger tips… it’s so effective. What makes Pardot even better is the team at Pardot. They are flexible, open and fun. I did my homework when looking into leading marketing automation companies. Pardot is a good fit and I know I made the right choice.”

Chris Uschan
Product Marketing Leader
, Omnipress