IAG Consulting Case Study

IAG Consulting Streamlines Online Marketing Program with Pardot

Company: IAG Consulting
Industry: Technology Professional Services
IAG Consulting is a world leader in requirements discovery and management. Given that poor requirements are behind 70% of IT project failures, and poor requirements drive costs for application development over 60% higher, IAG plays a high-profile role with leading technology executives as they attempt to deliver greater and more targeted value to the business. IAG has worked with in excess of 300 of the Fortune 500 companies to: ensure requirements are clear, accurate and complete on projects; implement best practices; train and develop business analysts or project teams in accelerated requirements techniques; select and implement discovery and management technology; or build a requirements center of excellence. For more information on IAG, please see www.iag.biz

Key Client Challenge:

IAG had made dramatic strides forward in its marketing function and was running multiple programs spanning multiple channels driving many hundreds of leads in a month. As IAG scaled the program, the many independent solution towers for email, marketing database, community management, client management, became increasingly difficult to manage. IAG found higher administrative costs in managing independent solutions, long lag times from lead identification to lead distribution, and escalating duplication in prospect databases. IAG was prevented from fully scaling their marketing engine for fear of accelerating the wastage of marketing dollars and needed to move to a single ‘center of truth’ on all marketing inbound, outbound and tracking activities. Only through a centralization of this platform and elimination of silos could IAG deal effectively with exponentially rising lead volumes and ensure these could continue to be scaled without adding additional headcount.

Pardot Solution:

IAG implemented Pardot after an extensive review of available solutions and a comprehensive walk-through of each major functionality of the system versus the IAG business model. The company felt there was a remarkable fit. IAG implemented in three main phases:

  • Phase one centered on consolidating platforms, implementing prospect tracking, replicating existing site functionality for community management and lead capture.
  • Phase two centered on implementing the value added functionalities that IAG did not previously have such as drip marketing, profile-based content customization, lead ranking and scoring, integration of outbound email systems into calendaring systems (so prospects could book meetings directly through marketing campaigns) and integration from the marketing automation system to the sales CRM system.
  • Phase three was centered on optimization to further push costs out of the IAG ongoing management of the system, implement automated lead screening and distribution (a customized module IAG built and integrated using the API of Pardot), rationalized the drip marketing programs, and implemented sales triggering events for certain outbound programs.


IAG was able to manage a three-fold increase in lead volume while simultaneously cutting almost a full head count out of marketing administration. At the same time, IAG’s new incubation programs increased the number of touch points with prospects and compressed average lead identification to distribution and follow-up from 7 days down to 24 hours. The team was able to get a highly automated system of rules, scoring, ranking, distribution in place that needed little in the way of care and feeding, while also being able to utilize the system to improve the customer experience. IAG knew the implementation was successful when sales professionals began to continuously refer to Pardot for prospect history and tracking prospect responsiveness with IAG through the ‘send with PI’ function as they were in their sales cycle.

User Comments:

“I’m pleased with the ease of implementing Pardot. We did not have a lot of time, nor did I have the luxury of dedicating 5 people to the project for 3 months. We basically achieved a stable first implementation within 2 weeks, and were able to implement the more advanced functionalities of Pardot with 1.5 team members working on the project over a period of 6 weeks. From a price and performance perspective – you can’t beat this system. Our sales guys find the interface really easy to use, helping the implementation achieve very high acceptance across the organization. I give Pardot very high marks for its customer responsiveness, ease of use, and price for value.”

Keith Ellis
Vice President Marketing, IAG Consulting