Demand Metric Case Study

Demand Metric Increases Efficiency with Pardot

Company: Demand Metric
Industry: Consulting
Demand Metric is a management advisory firm delivering executive summaries, how-to guides, practical templates and tools, and consulting services to sales and marketing executives in mid-sized enterprises.  Focused on strategic planning, product management, lead generation, and sales/CRM effectiveness, their resources help organizations adopt best practices and work more efficiently. All research & tools have been developed based on client feedback from a rapidly growing client-base of over 1000 senior Sales & Marketing executives. Demand Metric offers three Advisory Membership Levels: Free Membership, Executive Membership and Analyst Membership.

Key Client Challenge:

Demand Metric had not ventured in to marketing and lead generation through the internet. Their sales model was based on cold calling, with each representative making between 100 and 200 calls each day. On average, the team made one sale for every 328 calls. Because the sales team had no way to gauge prospect interest or determine which leads were most sales-ready, they were not able to efficiently prioritize their efforts.

Pardot Solution:

With Pardot, Demand Metric was able to launch online campaigns and begin qualifying leads so the sales team could better allocate their time. Using forms and enticing visitors with a special offer, Demand Metric began converting visitors to leads. Demand Metric received so many incoming leads that there were too many for the sales team to follow up with. As a solution, they began placing prospects on a drip marketing track that would allow them to keep in touch, as well as gain additional opportunities for interaction with prospects. Through integration with, the sales team was able to easily adopt Pardot as part of their process.


In their first month using Pardot, Demand Metric experienced a drastic change in their sales model. Before Pardot, it took an average of 328 calls to make one sale; with Pardot, conversion increased dramatically, averaging one sale every 70 calls. On the previous model, about one in 12 product demos would result in a sale; with Pardot, that number is now one in three. Overall, the sales team is now doing less work to produce the same amount of sales or more, greatly improving the quality of life for the team.

User Comments:

“The services and support team at Pardot has been solid. It’s reasonable to expect a 300% increase in conversions within the first few months when implementing online lead generation with Pardot.”

Jesse Hopps
CEO, Demand Metric