DataSync Case Study

DataSync Refines Marketing and Sales Processes with Pardot

Company: DataSync
Industry: Computer Software
DataSync, builders of DataSync Suite, offer an open source business application platform. The software is developed with open source technology and delivered as a hosted service around the world. With DataSync, organizations are able to as one through integration of the software solution and synchronization of data.

Key Client Challenge:
The marketing team at DataSync dealt with crippling inefficiency due to the disconnected processes involved in their operations. Without a marketing automation solution, separate applications were used to handle the various marketing tasks, from tracking analytics to creating email templates and landing pages. After bringing everything together, the guesswork from the disjointed reports made the creation of effective marketing campaigns difficult. Datasync needed a centralized solution that could handle all of their marketing needs.

Pardot Solution:
The implementation of Pardot gave DataSync a single destination for creating content and generating leads. With the tools in Pardot, DataSync is able to create landing pages and forms, and build and send email templates in the same system that is providing reports on each marketing campaign. This has created a more simple and streamlined process for the marketing department. Using the data from each campaign report, marketing and sales are able to focus on the best sources for leads. And through collaboration, drip marketing programs are developed that nurture leads until the sale is made. The flexibility of the Pardot solution has allowed DataSync to refine their marketing and sales efforts to a degree that wasn’t possible before marketing automation.

After taking advantage of the Pardot marketing automation solution, DataSync has experienced improvements in sales and marketing:

  • Email campaigns are more effective due to better building tools and campaign testing
  • The marketing team has better insight into page views, webinar attendance, and downloads, resulting in a system to prioritize lead follow-up.
  • The most popular content is now featured on their homepage in order to increase conversions
  • Pricing has been adjusted and a product matrix has been created to ensure people receive only the most relevant marketing information
  • The overall quality of leads has increased greatly, saving time for sales reps

With less time spent on organizing materials, the marketing team has been able to focus on creating quality content and monitoring traffic to create more and better leads for the sales team.

User Comments:
“Pardot has an incredible team and incredible support – I highly recommended it to anyone interested in marketing automation. Even if you’re a little hesitant, they will walk you through the process, get you comfortable with it, and improve your overall business.”

Ted McDermott
VP Business Development, DataSync