Arketi Group Case Study

Arketi Upgrades and Succeeds with Pardot

Company: Arketi Group
Industry: Marketing and Advertising
Arketi Group is a business-to-business high-tech public relations and digital marketing agency. With a belief that marketing generates revenue, Arketi helps technology organizations use marketing technology to accelerate their growth. The award-winning agency provides services ranging from public relations to marketing automation. The rest of their services and more can be found on

Key Client Challenge:

Prior to Pardot, Arketi’s marketing process was manual and labor-intensive. Internally, a variety of lead generation tools were being used, along with various CRM tools, email marketing systems, and manual demand generation processes that they were exposed to through their clients. While the tools were sufficient for one part of the marketing puzzle, they all lacked the ability to integrate with the overall campaign and didn’t provide visibility into the complete prospect journey. Using Google Analytics, they were tracking visits to the website on a macro-level, but fell short when trying to identify individual prospect activities. All in all, marketing struggled to execute and monitor successful campaigns so sales failed to receive qualified leads.

Pardot Solution:

Arketi implemented Pardot internally and also became a reseller. They felt that Pardot provided a great value proposition in terms of features, ease of use, and costs, and would be the ideal fit for a wide-range of clients with varying budgets. The marketing automation solution replaced an old, manual process and provided a way to integrate tasks. Arketi used Pardot to help their clients manage successful email and landing page campaigns. With the new tools available, it became easier to maintain a consistent brand look and feel across the various marketing mediums.


Arketi has been able to achieve success with Pardot in-house and with their clients. With database sizes ranging from 500 to a million, clients of Arketi have adapted Pardot to fit their needs; Because Pardot does not price based on database size, it was an affordable solution for their wide range of clients. Successful implementations included a small tradeshow client, who was able to streamline four offers for the event and received much more traffic than expected, and a larger client, who was able to increase repeat business from existing customers through up-sell and cross-sell campaigns. Arketi Group has also used Pardot to run a drip marketing program to keep in touch with past contacts, resulting in business from a lead that had previously been cold for more than eight months.

User Comments:

“The things that Pardot is enabling people to do today, are the things that we dreamed about 20 or 30 years ago as marketers – we always wanted to segment better, produce better content, close more deals, close deals faster, all those things that Pardot enables us to do.”

Mickey Long
Vice President, Arketi Group