2Checkout Case Study

2Checkout Lowers Operating Costs and Maximizes Revenue with Pardot

Company: 2Checkout
Industry: Internet
2Checkout is a global online payment processing service that bundles a payment gateway and merchant account into a single package for simple integration with their clients’ websites. They focus on small-to-medium businesses and startups in over 200 countries around the world.

Key Client Challenge:

2Checkout was experiencing rapid client growth and was looking for a solution that could automate their system without increasing their headcount. With only a small marketing and sales team, they wanted an easy way to push their growing number of prospects through the sales funnel without having to invest the additional time and resources.

Pardot Solution:

With Pardot, 2Checkout was able to use their existing resources to automate many of their sales and marketing processes. The email functionality and automation rules allowed them to set up drip campaigns to nurture past, present, and stale prospects, while the analytics and reporting functions made it easy to adjust and tailor these campaigns based on their performance.

To coax their prospects through the sales funnel, 2Checkout set up progressive profiling to help obtain prospect information. They were able to use this information to create email campaigns and send out automated follow-up emails from their sales team. The integration with Salesforce made it easier for the sales team to capitalize on information collected through Pardot.

In addition to the email and automation capabilities, 2Checkout also uses Pardot for link tracking, file hosting, list management, analytics, social media posting, and tradeshow lead capture.


Using Pardot, 2Checkout was able to lower operating expenses while maximizing revenue. They increased click-through-rates of email campaigns and produced easy, elective drip programs to nurture past and stale prospects. They also used Salesforce integration to align sales with marketing, built up detailed prospect profiles through progressive profiling, and automated their marketing processes using only existing resources

User Comments:

“The best surprise after implementing Pardot has been the support and the people. When I went to the Pardot Elevate conference last fall, I was blown away by the quality of Pardot’s employees, and their passion for working at Pardot. Their optimism and passion are contagious.”

Russ Kerscher, 
Marketing Manager