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Ready to make the switch to a full-featured marketing automation system that’s easy to use? Pardot gives you all of the functionality you need to win more deals with less work, and we’ve been called the best value in marketing automation by some pretty smart folks. Fire up one of our drag-and-drop builders, personalize a pre-optimized template, or witness Pardot’s deep integration with your favorite marketing tools, and you’ll see why thousands of marketers turn to Pardot for marketing automation – simplified.

No Hassle Marketing Automation

Marketers are busy people these days. Between packing the pipeline with hungry buyers, speedily responding to tweets, and brainstorming your next big campaign, the last thing you want is to discover that the marketing automation tool you bought to make your life easier is actually quite tricky to run day-to-day. With Pardot, creating inspired marketing campaigns is easy. We know you have a lot going on, so let us lighten the load a little. Our snazzy, intuitive user interface guides you through setting up emails, landing pages, and more with just a few clicks through our wizards. You’ll find you can breeze through campaign creation with tools like drag-and-drop lead nurturing and form builders, a straightforward business rule creator, and one-click integration with some of your favorite marketing platforms.

Your Must-Have Features? We’ve Got ‘Em!

When you are using Pardot, you can be confident that you’re getting access to everything you need to swiftly implement targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns backed by technology that packs a punch. Our scalable platform means that you’ll find basic building blocks of B2B marketing – landing pages, email templates, drip nurturing, ROI reporting, CRM integration, and more – plus the bells and whistles you need to refine and perfect your strategy.

  • Smart forms with progressive profiling, conditional fields, email address validation, and more
  • Nurturing programs that adapt based on prospect activity
  • Lead qualification based on the key combination prospect activity and prospect demographic data
  • Multiple lead scoring models
  • Native CRM integration for, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite
  • ROI reports across all digital marketing channels, including Google AdWords integration
  • Dynamic personalization across emails and web properties for targeted selling
  • Real-time sales alerts

Above and Beyond Client Services Team

Our client services team is the best in the business – and they are experts when it comes to transitioning over users from other marketing tools. From helping you think through process automations, to physically transferring data and assets like email templates, our Pardot pros will guide the way. After implementation, your dedicated client advocate will schedule regular check-in’s, keep you up to date on product improvements, help with account questions and make sure you’re never on your own.

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