Sales Intelligence

Give sales the tools they need to pursue only the hottest leads. Use Pardot marketing automation to track prospect activity, score and grade leads, and view detailed prospect information and activity from within your CRM (no need to jump between apps!).

Salesforce® Engage

Empower sales reps to sell more effectively than ever — in the office or on the go — with Pardot and Salesforce® Engage. Real-time, mobile, and CRM-integrated marketing tools put the power of marketing-curated content and insights in the hands of sales reps, enabling them to lead the conversation with personalized, on-brand messages that can be deployed with a single click.

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Real-time Sales Alerts

Using Pardot’s real-time prospect monitoring tool, LeadDeck, your sales team can get automatic notifications of significant prospect and visitor activity, making it possible for them to strike while the iron is hot. The customizable interface gives sales reps the ability to choose which prospects they’d like to monitor based on activities and geography. One simple click can take you to the prospect records in the CRM. You can even set up daily digest emails of assigned prospect activity.

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real-time sales alerts
prospect tracking and analytics

Prospect Tracking and Analytics

Advanced visitor and prospect activity tracking allows you to view a log of all touch points with your prospects (on your desktop or mobile phone), giving you the insight needed to identify qualified prospects and nurture leads more efficiently. Custom tracked URLs make it possible to track any link activity, even when used for banner ads or social media posts. Enhance these tracking capabilities by hosting your marketing files within Pardot, without having to worry about the security of your marketing collateral.

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Easily view relevant prospect or company information using Pardot’s connector. Using the information provided by’s, you can develop a deeper prospect profile, adjust prospect grade, and accurately update prospect and company details.


CRM integrations

CRM Integrations

Pardot integrates with, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to bi-directionally sync leads and contacts across platforms. You can view all prospect activity right from your CRM, pull down opportunity values for closed-loop reporting, deduplicate all lead and contact records, assign leads to sales reps, and more.

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