Little Black Book of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Go from “power struggle” to “power couple.”

Discover the relationship secrets that are turning sales reps and marketers across the globe into revenue-generating super teams. This Little Black Book reveals how tried-and-true relationship success tips can help your sales and marketing organizations find lasting love. Use the five principles below to overcome common challenges faced by your two teams — from first fights to tricky budget chats — and watch as sales and marketing transform into the new, unstoppable power couple.

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Chapter One

The Power of

Getting through your first fight

Butting heads is normal in any partnership — whether you’re campaigning to run the country or building your first email campaign. But as any power couple can tell you, open communication and compromise are essential. Use this same approach as you build your sales and marketing power couple. Confront common battles head on: decide on universal definitions of qualified leads, establish a threshold score and grade for when leads should be passed over, and sit down regularly to revisit this model. Constant communication is key to both teams’ success.

Your Power Couple Profile

You are the Political Power Couple. Success doesn’t go to your head — you always keep your cool even when your performance and your partnership are in the limelight (and often, the performance of your partnership). The world of politics and business may be fast-paced, but you and your partner are constantly communicating so that you remain a united front.

Talk it out: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Chapter Two

The Power of

Making busy schedules work

Every power couple faces individual priorities that can threaten their partnership. Between careers, obligations, and personal goals, it’s easy to get caught up in your own schedule. Remaining cognizant of one another’s endeavors and finding ways to support them is what keeps your relationship intact. For the highly-ambitious couple, this might mean setting up a schedule to distribute kid-related duties, and penciling in ‘together time.’ For your marketing and sales teams? Try putting some efficient processes in place (think, lead nurturing campaigns and templated emails) to help one another succeed in shared and individual goals, and scheduling regular meetings to celebrate successes and discuss improvements.

Your Power Couple Profile

You are the Olympic Power Couple. Whether you’re gunning for the world’s fastest mile time, taking down opponent after opponent at Wimbledon, or crushing your revenue goals, there isn’t a lot of time left to invest in your partnership. But at the end of the day, your constant support of each other’s endeavors is what keeps your relationship intact.

Be each other’s MVP.

Chapter Three

The Power of

Taming the jealousy beast

We all know and understand the dangers of jealousy. Even the strongest power couples can be torn apart by petty disagreements — your sales and marketing teams included. But if the green-eyed monster can be tamed by trust, so can squabbles between sales and marketing. While the quality of leads often causes discord between these two teams, a simple model for lead qualification can ensure that only high quality leads make the cut. Sales can trust that marketing is sending them hot leads, and marketing can trust that sales is giving those leads the attention they deserve. Finally, both teams can feel confident relying on each other to achieve success — no backstabbing required (or recommended).

Your Power Couple Profile

You are the Superhero Power Couple. If you make up one-half of the Superhero power couple, you can’t afford to be distracted by silly arguments — not when your business is depending on you to save the day by bringing in the big bucks. When push comes to shove, it’s your ability to trust each other that allows you to overcome even the largest hurdles — with or without a shrink ray.

Only use your powers for good.

Chapter Four

The Power of

Overcoming long distance

Long distance is hard — not just in personal relationships, but in professional ones too. Different time zones and a lack of insight into each other’s activities can cause partnerships to grow apart over time. The secret to making it work is transparency, a trait that can help keep even the longest-distance relationships on track. For the sales reps and marketers that are often separated, transparency into each other’s goals, programs, and motivations can help your two teams stay on the same page. Shared insight into prospect activities makes it easy to sell and market effectively, so you can rest easy knowing that your power couple reputation won’t be ruined by a few measly miles of separation.

Your Power Couple Profile

You are the Wall Street Power Couple. Being a part of the Wall Street power couple can often feel high-risk, high-reward. Business success takes you far and wide, but distance doesn’t make you any less of a force to be reckoned with. Even when you’re apart, you keep tabs on one another’s activities, successes, and motivations to keep your bond strong.

A relationship is a dialogue, not a monologue.

Chapter Five

The Power of
Shared Success

The shared finances chat

Putting time on the calendar to talk $$$ can put any power couple on edge — and that applies just as much to sales and marketing teams as it does to millionaire music moguls. The key to success is not to argue over who gets what percentage of the budget. Instead, celebrate what you have together. In marketing and sales, that means using closed-loop reporting and revenue attribution to track closed deals back to their source, so you can better understand how each team contributed to new business. Start celebrating each other’s victories instead of arguing over who gets credit for each deal, and you may give even the most high-profile power couples a run for their money.

Your Power Couple Profile

You are the Music Mogul Power Couple. Sure, you’re the highest-grossing team your business has ever seen, but you don’t let your individual triumphs overshadow the success of your partnership. Recognizing the strengths each of you brings to the table means you can guarantee your net worth will be even higher.

Share the spotlight with grace and harmony.

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