SiriusDecisions research states that "80% of contacts who express an interest to buy today but do not, will do so in the next 24 months." This means that if you are dismissing leads that are not yet sales ready, you are leaving serious revenue on the table. Automation can help you capitalize on that revenue and add to your bottom line. Let's look at how automation affects your topline numbers.

The number above represents the leads in your database that are not ready to buy immediately, but are likely to buy in the next 24 months. You need to nurture these leads, building relationships over time with lead nurturing campaigns.

The value in your database represents the total revenue you could close if you nurture all of the leads that are not ready to buy immediately. If you are simply ignoring these leads in favor of those ready to buy immediately, you are leaving this revenue on the table.

By using marketing automation to nurture leads who are not yet ready to buy, you are able to generate more revenue from your existing database automatically. Stop letting leads fall through the cracks and capitalize on every lead.


Automation can help dramatically improve the efficiency of your sales funnel. According to SiriusDecisions, best-in-class companies outperform competitors nearly 5:1. Let's take a look at what a best-in-class sales funnel could do for your marketing.


With Automation


Marketing automation allows you to increase the efficiency at each stage of your sales funnel. Drive higher quality leads, lose fewer throughout the sales process, and ultimately win more deals than you ever could before.


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