Elevate Presentations – The Pardot User Conference

Watch presentations from Elevate, Pardot’s Annual User Conference. Elevate offers users the chance to connect with Pardot staff, client and partners as they present best practices and tips on using Pardot, as well as general information on how to improve your online marketing program.

Elevate 2012 Presentations

10 Ways to Elevate Pardot

When you first kicked off your Pardot implementation, there were lots of essentials that you focused on to get up and running. Now that your Pardot foundation is established, the Pardot Services Team would like to revisit elements that you may not be doing or could be doing better to help take your integration to the next level.

Accelerate Lead Conversion: The Combined Power of Webinars Plus Marketing Automation

Technology has created an array of available tools to move prospects through the funnel faster, but few make the process more timely and efficient than webinar programs seamlessly integrated into your marketing automation platform. View this can’t-miss session featuring Simone Nabers, Demand Generation Manager from ReadyTalk, as she explores ReadyTalk’s recent use of webinars to drive lead conversion.

Agile Marketing: Save Your Sanity

The day-to-day life of a marketer is busy. You spend numerous hours making sure that each small and equally important part of the overall marketing plan is managed, tracked, and analyzed for success. With such a jam-packed, detailed process, marketers everywhere are embracing the new, revolutionary approach: Agile Marketing. Join Pardot Evangelist Mathew Sweezey, as he explores this brand new approach to marketing in depth, and find out how you can apply it to your marketing process and save your sanity.

Balancing Agility with Sophistication in Demand Generation Program Design

As a growth-stage company, how do you balance time-to-market and flexibility with the Web 2.0 and operations sophistication required to build a modern demand generation program? Adam Needles, author of Balancing the Demand Equation, a leading demand generation strategy book, will explore the differences between demand generation strategies for larger companies in mature markets versus those for agile companies in growth-stage markets.

Becoming a Dynamic Content Dynamo

Pardot’s Dynamic Content feature allows you to display certain content on your website based on a prospect’s score, grade, or field value. This very powerful feature allows you to deliver targeted content to your prospects. In this session, you will learn how to use Dynamic Content creatively and effectively through real-world examples that you’ll be able to take back with you and start implementing right away.

Best Basic Practices for Drip Nurturing

Learn how KANA Software, a global B2B software company, implemented email nurturing campaigns to mature buying interest through targeted content offers across multiple product lines. Using actual analytics, Jessie Wilkie, a Senior Specialist for Marketing Programs at KANA, will bring to light the specific ways KANA was successful in their nurturing programs and how they were able to tweak them to improve performance.

Confessions of a B2B Ad Man

Is David Ogilvy’s truism, “You can’t bore people into buying your product,” any less true now than it was in the 1960s? Why, then, is
your B2B marketing campaign still so boring? If Mad Men has taught
us anything, it is that the heyday of advertising wasn’t all about boozy lunches, afternoon naps, and three-piece suits. In this session, we’ll take a look at how some of advertising’s most famous maxims can be applied to B2B tactics, tools, and practices today.

Creating Landing Page Gold: Increase Conversion and Engagement with 5 Easy Tips

Increasing conversion rates and user engagement on your landing pages does not need to be a daunting activity or require specialized skills. Follow along as Wakefly’s experts take you through five easy tips to create landing page gold. Drive traffic, measure it, remarket to your visitors, and create tangible ROI with every landing page by combining our tips and best practices with the Pardot tool set. This session will be valuable to marketing and sales professionals looking to roll out or build upon an Enterprise level landing page strategy that correctly leverages Pardot.

Developing Customer-Centric Nurturing Content: A Better B2B Marketing Clinic

You’ve invested in a killer marketing automation tool. Now give your company the edge with content that attracts and nurtures leads by engaging in a relevant, findable, valuable way. This hands-on clinic will review real-life nurturing content examples from audience volunteers, and look at how to elevate your content effectiveness to get better results.

The Evolution of Pardot’s Sales and Marketing Function

When Pardot was founded, we weren’t just building software for small businesses – we were a small business! In this session, Pardot’s own Derek Grant will walk you through how Pardot grew our own internal sales and marketing function, how we used Pardot at each stage of our evolution, and what we learned along the way.

The First Five Steps to Social Inbound Marketing

Social is a hot topic in today’s business world. However, many don’t know what it is or how to engage with it. This session will walk you through an overview of today’s social technologies and how to get started with the basics.

Fuel Your Social and Email Marketing Programs with Valuable Content

Repurposed content is the currency of the social Web. In this session, you will learn how marketers can effectively and continually update their social, email, and website without relying solely on their own output. Join Scribit CEO, Gregg Freishtat, for simple techniques and steps that you will want to use immediately to start fueling all your marketing programs to drive more sales from your prospects, and more engagement from your customers.

Group Therapy for Marketers

Let’s face it, if you work on a marketing team, life can be pretty friggin’ crazy. Too much to do, too little time. Who’s doing what, when, and why? During this session, Scott Voigt – unqualified motivational speaker and B2B Marketer – is going to explore the source of our daily chaos and see if, working together, we can make the pain go away. Tears will be shed, secrets revealed, and hot coals will be walked upon (metaphorically, of course).

How Pardot Uses Pardot (Keeping Up With the Pardashians)

Take a peek behind the Pardot curtain with Adam Blitzer, Co-founder and COO of Pardot, as he shows you how the Pardot marketing team manages their internal campaigns using the Pardot platform. This session, back by popular demand, will include information on new techniques and changes from last year to now.

How to Turn Your Acquisition & Nurturing Program Tactics into Playbooks: A Better B2B Marketing Clinic

Now that you’re up and running with Pardot, you have the opportunity to elevate your acquisition and nurturing program effectiveness by planning and executing bundles of program tactics in the form of strategic playbooks. This hands-on clinic will review real-life marketing program examples from audience volunteers, and look at how to apply better program practice to get better results.

Implementing and Re-implementing Pardot with Your CRM System

A well-thought-out CRM integration will lead to less work with better results. A poor configuration can result in missed leads, automation disasters, and a lack of reporting. Join Rob MacEwen as he brings opportunities into focus and identifies the pitfalls to consider when integrating Pardot with your CRM system. He will cover a multitude of topics including why marketing is driving data quality, managing the handoff between Sales and Marketing, reporting on Pardot within your CRM, and how to avoid common mistakes that prompt a re- implementation.

Integrate Offline Into Your Pardot Campaigns

We all know Pardot is a powerful tool for managing campaigns using online channels, but what if you want to include direct mail in the mix? Ron Marcus, Marketing Cheerleader at ZUZA, faced this question when planning a promotion to re-engage past customers and prospects. His team created a 12-week campaign including innovative monthly direct mail pieces and bi-weekly emails. The promotion enticed prospects with a weekly giveaway and the chance for a grand prize at the end of the summer, all hand-delivered by the ZUZA sales team to gain valuable face-to-face time. Ron will share how he set up and managed the campaign in Pardot, how he was able to tie direct mail to the online components, lessons learned along the way, and the success of the campaign to date, including ROI figures.

Marketing Automation Makeover: Maximizing Pardot Value for Extreme Revenue Creation

Are you trying to make sense out of this fast-changing marketing automation environment? Or, better yet, are you trying to find ways to deliver on that long-term lead nurturing strategy that you so eloquently sold to your execs last year? Then, join us as we tackle some of the great myths about automated lead nurturing. Using real-world examples of Pardot in action, our presenter will discuss how to overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of executing effective automated marketing and offer sage advice to help generate the promised results from your marketing automation system.

Marketing vs. Sales: Can Marketing Automation Help Bridge the Differences?

Marketing wonders why the sales department isn’t closing more deals with all the great leads they’ve generated. Sales wonders what fantasy world marketing operates in when the latest “hot lead” simply clicked a link for a chance to win an iPad. This session is a case study of how The TRACOM Group used Pardot and Salesforce.com to successfully align marketing and sales efforts. It will cover understanding your sales process and marketing’s role, identifying the buying indicators of individuals and organizations, and more!

Marketing Strategies and Tactics of Top Performers

B2B marketers typically use last year’s plan as a starting point for next year’s marketing planning process, making changes only to accommodate new goals and current-year budget realities. As a result, go-to-market plans have become habitual and marketing performance becomes incrementally more or less effective year over year. Marketers at top-performing companies take a different approach. They experiment, pilot, and test. They are the vanguard with go-to- market strategies that set them apart from their peers at companies with average performance. In this presentation, Ms. Wizdo will unveil new research data from Forrester’s Q3 2012 B2B Marketing Tactics and Benchmarks Survey to provide planning guidance that will energize your marketing strategy in 2013. While there is no “paint by numbers” formula for the perfect marketing mix, B2B marketers can leverage the proven practice of top-performing marketing organizations to inform their own marketing mix decisions.

The Science Behind Successful & Sustainable Online Events & User Groups

Planning online events and user groups is all about ratios (registrants vs. attendees, interaction vs. presentation, value-driven content vs. the pitch). Amanda Anderson, Epicom’s Marketing Manager, will discuss how she and her team grew Epicom’s online webcast registration by 900% using Pardot. In this session, learn tips for increasing attendance, narrowing your topics for niche markets, and engaging attendees during Wedn your webcasts and user groups. Also, see how using Pardot’s webinar connector helped streamline the registration and follow-up process.

Using Pardot to Get the Most from Trade Shows

Trade shows are now more expensive than ever, and it can often be difficult to justify the cost. Join John Matera, Director of Marketing for RedTail Solutions, as he explains how Pardot helped RedTail make their two biggest annual trade show appearances more productive and cost effective than in previous years. RedTail was able to maximize marketing opportunities in several areas including pre-show promotion, show- specific print collateral, on-floor promotions, meeting appointments, contests, and post-show follow-up.

Video: The Content King’s Crown

Online video is an incredibly powerful medium. It’s emotional, engaging, and drives lasting traffic. Used effectively, video can be a content marketer’s best friend. But where should you begin, and how do you know if it’s really working? We’ll answer by sharing how our own video marketing has evolved over time. You will be able to see what worked for us and avoid what didn’t.

WordPress and Pardot: The World’s Newest Power Couple

Join Cliff Seal, a Pardot UX Designer, as he introduces one of Pardot’s newest features – the WordPress plugin. This session will cover the basic functionality and use cases of the plugin, as well as the advantages
of using open-source, self-hosted WordPress as a platform for web projects. After reviewing the plugin’s use of dynamic content, A/B testing, and advanced content optimization, you will be itching to get back and implement this power couple solution.

Elevate 2011 Presentations

Watch presentations from Elevate 2011, the second annual Pardot User Conference. Pardot staff, clients and partners presented best practices and tips on using Pardot, as well as online marketing.