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Upcoming Webinar: How Great Marketing Teams Leverage B2B Marketing Automation

Your Speaker: ADAM POSTELNEK, Manager of Marketing Services at Magnet 360, and DEREK GRANT, Vice President at Pardot

Date: August 26, 2014
Time: 2:00pm EDT / 11:00am PDT

It's seems like a mystery sometimes - how do great B2B marketing teams efficiently and effectively juggle multitudes of marketing channels and efforts these days? They utilize the keys to success, setting the stage with strategy, leveraging the functionality and power of marketing automation, and more!

Join us for 30 minutes while Adam Postelnek, Manager of Marketing Services at Magnet 360, and Derek Grant, Vice President at Pardot, explore and take the guesswork out of how marketing automation lends itself successfully to the strategy and processes of solid marketing, and how your marketing team can benefit, too!

ADAM POSTELNEK, Manager of Marketing Services at Magnet 360
DEREK GRANT, Vice President at Pardot

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