Think Outside the Inbox

About the Book

Marketing automation has been called the most transformative advancement in sales and marketing since the advent of CRM. Never before have sales and marketing professionals had so much insight into prospects’ interests, behaviors, and buying intentions. Many people think of email marketing, and the inbox, as the most effective part of online lead generation and nurturing. But marketing automation provides a complete solution, with the inbox as just one piece of the toolkit. Learn about marketing automation and how it can benefit your business today.

Comments on the Book

Every B2B sales and marketing professional should read this book immediately. Marketing automation is truly the marketing complement to CRM.

– Clint Oram, Co-founder of SugarCRM

This book should be required reading for marketing managers and business owners looking to communicate effectively with direct email, build better relationships, and increase leads in their organization. I’ve worked with David and Adam’s company for two years now, and they definitely get it!

– Chris Uschan, Director of Marketing at Omnipress

Ordering the Book

Please purchase Think Outside the Inbox at or request a free copy from a Pardot sales rep.

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