Technical Overview

Pardot was designed as a high-availability hosted solution to minimize IT requirements and maintenance, allowing your company to focus its effort and resources on driving revenue.

Hosting Infrastructure

  • Tier 1 provider with redundant bandwidth connectivity, routing, and HVAC control
  • Two concurrent identical data centers (Seattle, WA and Dallas, TX) with master-master replication between both production and backup databases
  • SSAE16 Certified Hosting Provider
  • Fully managed round robin DNS between data centers
  • 48-hour backup power
  • RAID setup to protect against hard drive failures
  • Nightly off-site data backup to a separate hosting provider

Pardot Architecture

  • Page and content caching for maximum scalability
  • Most static content delivered via a content delivery network (CDN) for speed
  • Universal cookie for unified visitor session tracking for complete sales analytics data
  • Authorization roles for different user and account types