Introducing the full-featured marketing automation tool that’s easy to use. Pardot’s platform features CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and grading, social posting, and ROI reporting to help marketing and sales teams work together to generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability.

Email Marketing

Email is the heart of your online marketing, so make sure you’re getting the most from your efforts with our powerful email tools.

  • Create professional-looking email campaigns fast with our 36 customizable, out-of-the-box templates.
  • Build your own fully-branded templates (from headers and logos to font size and color) with our simplified WYSIWYG editor — no IT knowledge needed!
  • Personalize the buyer’s journey and tailor your emails to prospects’ interests with dynamic content.
  • Optimize deliverability with custom email authentication, SPAM analysis, email testing, and automated CAN-SPAM compliance.

Lead Generation

Keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads using Pardot’s landing pages, form builders, and search connectors.

  • Pardot’s intuitive WYSIWYG interface makes designing and launching landing pages and forms a snap. You no longer need to be an HTML expert to create attractive and engaging landing pages. Optimizing your landing page is also a breeze with automated Multivariate Testing.
  • Create polished forms with real-time field validation and Progressive Profiling designed to increase conversions by never asking for the same information twice.
  • Connect all of your Search Campaigns on one cohesive platform. Manage your campaigns and track your conversions directly from Pardot.

Lead Management

Use lead scoring and grading, prospect tracking, and lead nurturing to ensure that the right leads go to the right reps at the right time.

  • Increase lead quality with Pardot’s blended lead scoring and grading model.
  • Give sales the talking points they need with detailed prospect tracking and analytics.
  • Free up time to focus on sales-ready leads by placing cold or inactive leads on lead nurturing tracks.
  • Smart lead capture forms make it easy to collect the information you need from your prospects.
  • Automation reduces human error and takes the manual labor out of lead assignment, segmentation, and lead nurturing.
  • Run more targeted campaigns using Pardot’s easy-to-use segmentation wizard.

ROI Reporting

Pardot’s powerful reporting and analytics functionalities allow marketers to finally discover the true ROI of their marketing efforts, leading to greater marketing accountability.

  • Tie each closed deal back to its original source with closed-loop reporting.
  • Use the Google Analytics Connector to sync visitor and prospect data between Pardot and your CRM.
  • Get a high-level view of your sales cycle’s health with Lifecycle Reporting.
  • Monitor the performance of your paid search campaigns with Pardot’s paid search reporting.
  • Gain greater insight into your email open rates, deliverability rates, email client and browser usage, read rates, and more with advanced email reporting.

Sales Intelligence

Your sales team’s time is valuable. Give them the tools they need to pursue only the hottest leads.

  • Sell more effectively than ever — in the office or on the go — with Pardot and Salesforce® Engage.
  • Real-time sales alerts make immediate follow-up a cinch.
  • CRM integrations with, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM put everything all in one place. No need to jump between multiple apps.
  • Prospect tracking & analytics lets sales reps speak to what’s most relevant to each prospect.
  • Pardot’s blended lead scoring and grading model means sales reps won’t waste time chasing down dead ends. Follow up with only those meeting your ideal customer profile.
  • The connector allows reps to see a prospect’s company, industry, state, and more.

Social Marketing

Your clients and prospects maintain a constant presence on social media — why shouldn’t you?

  • Save time and continually distribute your content with scheduled social postings.
  • Provide sales reps additional insight with social profile lookups.
  • Let others circulate your content for you by adding social “share” buttons to your email, blog posts, and white papers.
  • Gain visibility into which prospects are interacting with your social content and at what point in the sales cycle.
  • Post to multiple channels simultaneously, cross-sell your content, and track the success of your social efforts — from one all-inclusive platform.