Prospect Tracking and Analytics

Advanced prospect tracking allows you to view a log of all touch points with your prospect in real time. See the pages your prospect has visited, files downloaded, email correspondence, and more — right on your desktop or within the Salesforce1 mobile app. All activities that occurred prior to the prospect’s conversion (while still an anonymous visitor) are also captured. It is important to note that with the alternative to a marketing automation solution, disparate marketing tools, prospect data is kept in silos and it is generally difficult or impossible to paint a complete picture of an individual prospect’s activity.

This prospect activity history gives great insight into exactly what your leads are interested in and allows your sales reps to tailor their phone calls or sales pitches accordingly. For example, if you know that a lead has searched for “pricing” on your site, you will want to have pricing information on hand when you make contact. Similarly, if the lead accessed highly technical content, it would make sense to have a sales engineer available for the call.

Pardot also gives you the ability to create custom tracked URLs, host your marketing files to generate tracker URLs, and monitor site search.

prospect activities

Custom Tracked URLs

Pardot’s custom redirects allow you to track any link on your website or a third party site (for example, a link on your Twitter page, a banner ad on a third party site, etc.). Tags and campaigns can be applied to links for better management and reporting. Clicks on the link will show up as an activity on a prospect’s profile. You can also view a list of all prospects who clicked on a particular link. If you are using Google Analytics parameters, they can be integrated into the link during creation.

Custom Redirects

File Tracking and Hosting

With Pardot’s hosting feature, you can upload your images and other files for use in campaign elements such as emails, forms, and landing pages. Uploaded files are given tracker URLs to track actions taken for the file. The Prospect Activities section of a prospect’s profile will show when a prospect accesses files like white papers, data sheets, etc. Clicking on the name of the file will show a list of prospects that have accessed the file.

File Hosting

Tie Search Queries to Individual Prospect Records

Tying search queries to individual prospects allows you to see what type of information interests your potential customer. Search, more than any other activity, shows intent, and these records can be used by your staff to better tailor their sales pitches. View search queries for each prospect, provide prospects with requested information, update your site with missing information, and pitch leads based on searches.